Saturday 9 August 2014

Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick!

Anna Kendrick turns 29 today and I thought it might be nice to share with you all my Top 5 Anna Kendrick films. I first saw her in the Twilight series back in 2008 and since then she just seems to have popped up in loads of other films I've seen!


Anna hasn't actually been in an awful lot of films if you take a look through her filmography, but she has an awful lot coming up in the next 2 years so my Top 5 list could well look completely different by then.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's Twilight. But this is the first time I ever saw Anna, and I think she played her character really well, and stayed true to the book version. Plus, her graduation speech Twilight Eclipse was brilliant, and made me cry a little. Not that it takes much to make me cry!
End of Watch makes my list purely for the scene with her and Jake Gyllenhaal singing in the car. It was just so natural and I think Anna's natural charm really shined during the scene. I don't know how true this is, but I heard that the song just happened to be playing anyway and the scene was completely improvised. Cute if true!
I wasn't a huge fan of 50/50 to be honest, but Anna's character was just so down to earth that I mainly enjoyed it just for her. Although her character is very similar (I think anyway) to her character in Up in the Air, the completely different topic kept it fresh for me.


As someone who gets to travel a little for work, I really appreciated Up in the Air and I just loved how it didn't follow a predictable plot. Anna played the role of a some what cold, by the book professional really well, a role which I don't think reflects her true personality at all.
I'm a human of the female variety, it's just in my nature to love Pitch Perfect, sorry! Just everything, from her dress sense, her non-cornforming attitude to her singing just had me smiling throughout the whole film. If there was ever a film on my life (highly doubtful, and a box office flop if so), I would love Anna Kendrick to play me!
What's your favourite Anna Kendrick film?


  1. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of hers. For me, she really is the newer model of Sandra Bullock. I know some might take that as high praise, and there's nothing "wrong" with Bullock, I don't quite mean it as a really great compliment. What I mean is that she's an actress capable of great work on occasion, but most often comes across as totally bland. At least, that's the way I see it. That, and I'll never praise anything about the Twilight flicks. Ever. However, I thought she was one of the weaker parts of Pitch Perfect. I enjoyed the movie, but felt she was terribly miscast - way too nice a person to pull off the whole goth/anti-establishment chick thing.

    Still, like I said she is capable of great work and has been in some excellent movies. My top 5 for her (without great thought so it could change) would be:

    1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
    2. End of Watch
    3. Up in the Air
    4. 50/50
    5. ParaNorman or Pitch Perfect

    Great post and I hope she accepts my happy birthday wishes even though I rained on the parade a little.

    Happy Birthday, Anna!

    1. Thanks Wendell, this is probably the most in-depth comment I've ever received. You bring up some really interesting points, but I'm a big Sandra Bullock fan too so although I agree with you, it's just not for the same reason :)
      I don't think Anna is a great lead however, but she makes a great supporting actress.
      Love your list! I didn't even think about Scott Pilgrim, it's been so long since I saw it I admittedly forgot she was in it.
      - Allie

  2. I love Anna Kendrick, she's so charming. I think my favorite of hers would go
    1) Up in the Air
    2) 50/50
    3) Drinking Buddies
    4) Scott Pilgrim vs The World
    5) End of Watch

    1. I think she's great :) Love your list too, I didn't get on well with Drinking Buddies but liked her in it regardless, and I'd actually forgotten she was in Scott Pilgrim! I'm such a terrible blogger sometimes :D
      - Allie

  3. Great list! I really love Kendrick as well, even in movies I don't particularly like. I think my favorite work of hers is in Up in the Air, but I adored her in Pitch Perfect. I also enjoyed her against type work in Happy Christmas too.

    1. Thank you! I've heard great things about Happy Christmas but it hasn't been given a UK release date :( I hope I get a chance to watch it soon!
      - Allie