Thursday 30 June 2016

Trivia Round-Up: June 2016

Welcome to Summer, folks! Time to put away those winter boots and dig out your wellies. That sounded like the start of an Inbetweeners joke...but I just mean we're having a lot of rain. Still, rainy nights means more time for movies! 

As we normally do on the last day of the month, we've dug up some fun and interesting trivia for all the movies we've talked about this month, with links to our original posts.

When Doris sends John a friend request, the date on her laptop reads 2014. In the fallowing scene, when John and his friends are discussing Doris, one of them brings up the federal legalization of gay marriage, which was not legalized until 2015.
There was no good trivia for this so I have cheated and included a continuity error!

High-Rise (2015) has been a stalled passion project for producer Jeremy Thomas for decades. It was once deemed "unfilmable."
It's definitely different to anything I've ever seen before.

Shia LaBeouf was originally cast, but had to drop out. Charlie Hunnam was then cast, but then was later replaced by Casey Affleck.
Christoph Waltz was cast in a role but dropped out.
Michael B. Jordan was originally cast but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. He was replaced by Anthony Mackie.
The list goes on longer than this, crickey!

For the film's theatrical poster, Robert De Niro lifted Zac Efron on his back without any help. Efron confirmed it while promoting the film on Instagram.
What a guy!

Emilia Clarke convinced Matthew Lewis to wax his legs for his role.
No matter what she does, I bloody love this woman!

In reality, the training and preparation time that Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards spent before the 1988 Winter Olympics was excruciatingly painful and difficult. Edwards has said: "I was sleeping in the car, in cow sheds, in a mental hospital. I was scraping food out of bins. And the whole time I'm thinking the next jump could very well by my last. I could kill myself. In some ways the movie doesn't show how bad it really was."
There is a lot of trivia for this but this made my heart break a little bit.

This is the second film in which Jake Gyllenhaal loses his wife in a tragic accident
10 points to the person who can tell me what the other film is, I can't work it out!
I can't think what it is which means I haven't seen I kind of don't want to know!

Although they take place in the same universe, the film has no apparent connections to Cloverfield (2008). However, producer J.J. Abrams has stated that the studio has a plan to tie the two films, as well as possible future films in the franchise, together.
This makes me a happy bunny!

Many of the murder scenes were shot in the locations where the real-life murders took place.
Reading this made my blood go cold...

Commenting on the film's connection to the first time he fell in love, director Wes Anderson has said, "Well, what I wanted to do was re-create the feeling of that memory. The movie is kind of like a fantasy that I think I would have had at that age. When you're 11 or 12 years old, you can get so swept up in a book that you start to believe that the fantasy is reality. I think when you have a giant crush when you're in fifth grade, it becomes your whole world. It's like being underwater; everything is different."

Dead 7 (2016)
The film's tagline, "Larger Than Life!", is a reference to the song of the same name by the Backstreet Boys, of which the film's star and writer, Nick Carter is a member.
Are we surprised that the only trivia is relating to boybands?!

The Hateful Eight (2015)
Unfortunately for the production of the film, during the scheduled shooting dates on location in Telluride, Colorado, there was a long streak of nice weather. Large fans and starch, and large overhead sunblocks were used in many of the outdoors blizzard shots to try to recreate a blizzard. A large amount of the much-needed snow melted away and production was placed on hiatus. As a fun attempt to try to get more snow, many of the cast and crew members including Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kurt Russell participated in a local "ski burn", making an offering to the "snow gods" to try to get it to snow. Coincidentally (or not...) a couple days later, a large storm came in and dropped a large amount of snow so filming could continue.
There's so much trivia for this movie, but how could I not include making offerings to the snow gods?!

Mr Right (2016)
Mr. Right's signature whistle is a homage to Hawkeye's (Donald Sutherland) trademark whistle in M*A*S*H, the movie.
I can't say I have seen the movie, although I have seen the series countless times - I can't imagine Hawkeye being played by anyone but Alan Alda.

Urge (2016)
There is no trivia for this AT to fill a gap.  I only watched this because I have recently binge watched all of That 70's Show and I was googling where they are now. Unfortunately, that also lead me to watching The Ranch...urgh!

No Stranger Than Love (2016)
Seriously, this one has no trivia either - I am scraping the barrel for films this month it seems.  


  1. Okay, love this post. Here are some quick thoughts/reactions:

    I thought about renting Triple 9 today, solely because of how good the cast is. Seems like it could have somehow been...better?

    I haven't seen Eddie the Eagle, but that bit of information seems to really fly in the face of what I saw in the trailer. Yikes. Seems like it could have been an R-rated drama!

    Wow, what Wes Anderson said is sooooo perfect. Such a sweet, silly film about that awkward time in all of our lives. Love it.

    And finally, I don't have the slightest clue as to what Dead 7 is...but I think I have to watch it. Immediately.

    1. I'm going to try and jump in here before Jenna gets the chance just to warn you to NOT watch Dead 7! It's just...bad! Have it on in the background or something but honestly...!!
      - Allie