Saturday 24 May 2014

Top 10 Disney Songs (Jenna)

This post is easy for me, I have loved Disney songs since I was little.  Me and Mom would put the films on and fast forward to the best songs (old school VHS!) and turn the TV up as loud as it would go and dance around the living room like crazy people.  So I have the fondest memories of many Disney songs but these are my top 10:

10.  Following the Leader - Peter Pan (1953)

This isn't actually one of my favourites, but it was my Mom's favourite (as was Peter Pan) and I remember her forcing me to sing along with my cousins while making a train around the living room and following the leader!! 

9. Gaston - Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Didn't expect that one did you?!  I really love Beauty and the Beast and as much as I love the soppy love songs, this song is great to sing full blast in your car.  If you hadn't guessed I have more than one Disney album in my car and when this comes on, I turn it right up and sing at the top of my voice.  Took me years (and a print out) to learn all the words so I have to make it worth it!

8.  Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Spent an entire car journey singing this with my cousin once.  Another one that took me so long to learn all the (right) words, I feel a sense of pride now when I can sing it all the way through.  Plus this is the most exciting part of the film with all the plates and cutlery flying through the air and Belle's look on wonder.  Makes me smile every time!  Plus I think everyone will agree that Lumiere is without fail the best character in this film.

7. Hakuna Matata - The Lion King (1994)

Not only do I love the tune of this song and to sing along too but I also love the sentiment:

'it means no worries for the rest of your days, its our problem free, philosophy, Hakuna Matata'

6. Colours of the Wind - Pocahontas (1995)

This is probably my least favourite Disney film, I have watched it once and I have never had the urge to watch it again.  However, I have this song in my car and it's truly beautiful.

5.  One Jump Ahead - Aladdin (1992)

This is my favourite part of this film, I could watch the scene again and again.  I just always want the song to be longer, it seems so short!

4. Zero to Hero - Hercules (1997)

I should put this in small text but I've never seen this film all the way through, I have watched bits and pieces.  I do need to sit down and watch it properly because I don't know anyone who doesn't love it so it must be good.  Particularly, if it's all like this song, which is awesome.

3.  A Whole New World - Aladdin (1992)

This is a classic Disney love song, easy to learn the tune and the words (not like Gaston!) and anyone who hears it will know where it's from.  It's just a beautiful song.

2. Let's Go Fly a Kite - Mary Poppins (1964)

This song is sentimental to me, I can't hear it without crying like a girl!  I watched a lot of Disney as a kid but this film reminds me of my Mom so much. Not sure if it's because Julie Andrews reminds me of her and it's a sad moment for her character, but this song for some reason tugs on some heart string and possibly a tear duct.  It's right at the end of the film and a great way to finish it off, I love watched Mr Banks flying the kite with his children, it's a lovely ending.

1. Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid (1989)

My favourite Disney film of all time and the first film I ever saw at the cinema.  I loved this song from the second I heard it and as a kid I spent hours in the bath pretending to be a mermaid and singing it at the top of my lungs (my poor parents!!).  The perfect choice for my number one spot.


  1. Whenever i see a Disney song list i can't help but say i feel 'I'm Still Here' from Treasure Planet should be mentioned

  2. You know, I have to admit that I've never seen Treasure Planet! Gutted - I'm going to have to watch it soon! - Allie