Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Currently Watching...Men at Work (Jenna)

So, since finding out that Raising Hope had been cancelled after 4 seasons and now being fully up to date with Mom, therefore having to wait a whole week for each new episode, I needed a new comedy series to keep me entertained.  This did not disappoint.  The comedic timing, the nature of most of the jokes (i.e. directed at each other within the group of friends) and the similarities to me and most of my friends makes this such an easy but hilarious watch.

The series follows four guys who work at a magazine called full steam, Gibbs (the cool one), Tyler (the pretty one), Neal (the geek) and Milo (the other guy).  Funnily enough, they never appear to actually get any work done, unless its specific to the storyline, however I can live with the huge plot holes and sometimes massively set up jokes because the writing is most cases is genius and suspiciously like my life, for example Gibbs debating which Ryan is better, Gosling or Reynolds and immediately realising 'nah they're both beautiful men!' (I'm paraphrasing as I can't remember the exact quote!)

Plus, the latest episode I watched saw Milo accidently take ecstasy with what I considered laugh out loud, you have to watch it to understand.

I have read so many reviews of people saying how this has been done before and it's not at all funny.  These people must be crazy, yes it has a similar vibe to Friends or How I Met Your Mother but I love those shows so why wouldn't I love this!?

I am now running out of episodes to watch so hopefully it will be renewed for another season, otherwise I will be needing some recommendations for new comedies to watch.  Suggestions??

All in all, it's light hearted and enjoyable.  Don't think about it too much, just watch and laugh!

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