Friday, 23 May 2014

Currently Watching...Arrow (Allie)

As a DC Comics fan, I felt it my duty to watch Arrow when it first came out. I never really got into Smallville; I started watching it at around Season 7-8, at a time when I didn't know the characters well at all. By the time I knew who Green Arrow was and some of his stories, it didn't matter how cute Justin Hartley was, he wasn't badass enough! Cue Arrow...

Some of my friends instantly wrote this off in the first episode, saying that Oliver (Amell) showed no emotions and was wooden, but I didn't agree. The next few episodes that followed were awesome too and I loved the island flashbacks. However, from about episode 7-8, it all slowed down dramatically, or so I thought at least. This was at a time when I was getting the train to work, and so I carried on watching more to fill in the daily commute than anything else.

Thankfully, the last 4 episodes of Season 1 blew me away and the finale was one of the best I've seen in a TV Show. I was so glad I stuck it out! Major kudos goes to Manu Bennett, who plays Slade Wilson. By far my favourite character!

Fast forward to now and I've just finished Season 2. SPOILER ALERT for any UK readers who recorded it last night! I thought the finale was good, but it didn't have the shock factor that Season 1 had, in fact, I was more shocked at Episode 20, Seeing Red, when Slade made Oliver choose between his mother Moira and his sister Thea. If they could have incorporated that last scene into the finale itself, then this would have been one of the greatest episodes in TV history. That episode had me hiding in my hoodie, crying and shouting at the TV. I still don't think I've recovered from it yet, I never will!

Again, Slade Wilson just made this Season awesome, I'm really going to miss him and I hope the show continues to be great without him. Who can forget this moment?

I'm also a shameless fan of Olicity, and I'm seriously hoping/thinking/convinced that the whole 'I love you' thing wasn't just a game. I've been wishing and wishing for them to get together since Season 1 and so I'll be eagerly waiting for Season 3!

I also can't wait for The Flash to start soon!

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