Thursday, 8 May 2014

Exciting things I have learnt from my movie mags this month

So this is a new post idea, but I was reading my Total Film magazine earlier and I kept coming across snippets of information that was exciting and I thought, why not.  So here are the most exciting things I have read in Total Film and Empire magazines this month...
  • Taken 3 is currently in production, who doesn't want to see Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills again?! I am super excited for this, I just hope there's a good plot behind it!
  • Jurassic World AKA Jurassic Park 4 will star Chris Pratt and I am loving him at the moment and I LOVED Jurassic Park so this is good news!
  • Big is being released on Blu-ray with extras - can't wait!
  • Empire Classic scene showed the key scene from 300 when Leonidas shouts "Madness....This... IS...SPARTA" and kicks the messenger into the well.  Reminded me how much I love this film, will be purchasing it this weekend and reviewing soon! I really loved 300, I haven't seen the sequel yet which I need to do very soon.
  • Total Film's website has the 50 greatest Jennifer Lawrence moments - this has to be watched! Surely every J-Law moment is great!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy WILL be linked to Avengers 3
  • GOONIES 2 - No other words needed!
  • Melissa McCarthy is teaming up with her real life husband, Paul Feig, again for new movie Spy - could not be more excited!
  • Universal have recruited Paul Walker's brothers Cody and Caleb, to fill the filming gaps in Fast and Furious 7 after his unexpected death and shooting has now resumed.
  • The final instalment of the Divergent trilogy will be split into 2 movies - not sure if this is a good or bad thing to be honest...
  • Studios are apparently 'embracing' the idea of X-Men spin offs with the favourites being Mystique, Deadpool and Gambit. I have been waiting so, so long for a Deadpool film...
You totally just reminded me that I haven't sorted myself out with a Total Film subscription yet! Although if you could just write me up a post like this each issue, maybe I won't have to!

I'm joking, of course...kind of.

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