Wednesday 7 May 2014

Review: Locke (2014)

Two years ago I would have laughed at you if you asked me to watch a Drama. I rarely watched films, and when I did, it would belong in one of about three genres, Comedy, Sci-Fi or Action. That's it. Fast forward to the present day and I hear about a Tom Hardy film, a Drama. Everyone is raving about it, but all anyone will tell you is it's all shot in a car as a man drives from Birmingham to London, taking calls through his car's Bluetooth system.

It's probably silly to get so excited over a film you barely know anything about. It's a small production film too so it's not even showing at all cinemas in the UK. Thankfully, we have a huge Showcase cinema not far away so me and the other half went to see it there.
It pains me now to know that the premiere for this took place at the Cineworld at Birmingham's Five Ways, which I can literally see from my window at work. I should have gone!
This film was fantastic by the way, for me at least, but it's like marmite I think. It's not the kind of film you would just play on a Saturday afternoon for the sake of it, you have to be in the mood to watch this kind of Drama. There was a couple sat behind us in the cinema, I think the girl had agreed to go because of Tom Hardy, because 10 minutes into the film she announced the film was terrible (not her choice word) and she wanted to go. Another group in front of us however, laughed out loud at the subtle, dark humour and raved about the film as they left.
I really can't tell you any more than any other source. It's about a man named Ivan Locke, a construction manager who leaves work at the end of the day, and instead of driving home, drives to London instead. He takes numerous calls in his car from his colleagues and family, and questions whether the moral decision he makes is the right one.

If that alone is enough to grab your curiosity, then I can tell you that you'll really enjoy this. Don't expect the Hollywood effect because it's just not that kind of film.

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