Thursday 22 May 2014

Review: The Lifeguard (2013)

This film was on Sky Go and I always download films from there to watch on flights and in airports.  So, I watched this film en route to Geneva and I got so engrossed it in, I forgot to rush off my first flight and nearly missed my connecting flight... Oops!! Like you need an excuse!

The story follows Leigh, played by Kristen Bell, a 29 year old journalist living in New York and sleeping with her taken boss.  When she finds out he has proposed to his girlfriend, her life starts to spiral out of control so she heads back to her home town of Connecticut and back to her parents to try to find herself.  Instead she finds herself grasping onto her youth for dear life and developing a relationship with a troubled 17 year old, played by David Lambert.

This film was a quite slow but it kept my interest throughout but I hadn't heard of this fil either so I had no expectations which always helps.  I didn't know what to expect from Kristen Bell after seeing her in comedy roles but she was fantastic as the young adult that doesn't want to grow up and slowly learns the difference between growing old and growing up!!  The contrast between the bleak, dim scenes in New York and the brightness and openess of Connecticut further showed her change of feelings as she moved from one place to another.  The story was really well written and the filming, I thought was fantastic, there were many scenes where nothing was said and it was just Leigh on screen and but the way it was shot showed what she was feeling.  Somewhere near the middle of the film there was a scene depicting time passing by and Leigh and Little Jason's relationship using the swimming pool, the sky and skateboarding, keep an eye out for it if you see it!! I love little artistic moments like that, you'll have to show me next time I see you.

In case you too haven't heard of it, here is the trailer:

This isn't a film that would catch my eye to be honest if I was browsing through, but I haven't seen many films with Kristen Bell in and I'll always give a film a try, so I might just give this a watch! Onto the growing list it goes...!
Overall, a great story played out by brilliant actors and interesting to watch, definite recommendation.

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