Monday 5 May 2014

Review: Fargo (1996)

Movie morning.

As me and Allie appear to be too old to watch two movies in a row (but a movie and an episode of Sherlock is fine!) We decided to watch Fargo this morning instead of last night. Who doesn't want to watch an episode of Sherlock before bed? Sorry, let's talk Fargo...

This film was always going to be on our radar at some point because it's part of IMDB's Top 250 Films, but as you probably already know, a new TV Show based on this has just started on Channel 4 in the UK, starring Martin Freeman. I've got the first episode recorded, but I wanted to watch the film first so I had an idea of the story.  I haven't seen any of the series yet (although from the trailer I'm not sure about Martin Freeman's accent!) but I intend to, once I have finished the other 6 million series I'm currently attempting to watch! It's crazy! I'm timehopping through posts now I know but my jaw hit the floor! I'm not quite over it yet...
Fargo tells the story of Jerry Lundegaard, a simple car salesman who has found himself dangerously in debt. His father in law is a bit of a douche but he's also incredibly wealthy, so Jerry hires a couple of co-worker's friends to kidnap his wife and demand a ransom from her father.  Actually, he hires one of his co-workers friends (Buscemi), Shep (the co-worker) doesn't know the other guy (Stormare) who turns out to be a violent psychopath!  This just adds to the chaotic nature of the film. Alright Miss Pedantic...!
I would really like to think that if my other half was in this situation, he would try something a little less extreme, but you've got to give the guy points for creativity here!
As with many films I watch, I struggled to follow this a little, and I'm still not 100% sure how much he was in debt and what went on before the kidnapping. Not the film's fault though! I thought the plot was brilliant and I didn't see many of the twists coming. I just found some of the characters too odd, to the point of distraction in some places. Yeah they don't cover why he is in debt or how he got to this point, but you realise as the film goes on that the debt isn't the key point of the movie, the 'kidnapping' is, so really you don't need to know anyway.

*SPOILER ALERT* This lady! The heck man! Maybe it's because I'm watching Dexter at the moment, and maybe it's the age of the film now, but where is the urgency? Where is her back up? I mean bless her at the end for catching that guy all by herself, but it was just a bit odd. That guy she meets up with, Mike? What was the actual point in him? I loved her though, she was too cool!  Pregnant sheriff solves the crime all by herself, amazing and odd enough to be part of this film.  I still don't understand the point of Mike and how he added to the film but any scene Marge was in was hilarious because of her.  (I only remember her name was Marge because they said it approximately 365 million times throughout the film!) I actually looked this up you know. You know later on, when she finds out that Mike lied about his wife/that lady and stuff? It was to make her see that you can't trust anyone, and that's why she really starts to suspect Jerry.
I really enjoyed this film, mostly because I found it hilarious.  The way of life was so slow and as Allie said not at all urgent, it made everything so comical.  Also, tiny parts of the film had me in stitches, for example, when Marge and Norm are in the cafĂ© the volume of food she puts on her plate is unreal. 
Although comical, it's quite a dark movie and it provides some shocks that I personally didn't expect.  This is a one off film no other will ever be quite like it, extremely unique and very enjoyable to watch.
Ignore my rants though because I did enjoy this film, but I have a feeling I'll enjoy the new TV Show more. I get the feeling the series is going to drag a bit, I don't know how they are going to keep it interesting!!  We'll soon see though!

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