Friday 7 August 2015

Review: Magic in the moonlight (2014)

Found this random little gem on my Sky Go app, I was bored doing my housework and wanted something to watch on my iPad so I could move it around with me while I was cleaning.  This was a great choice...

Colin Firth plays Stanley, a magician who appears to be able to solve any spiritual trickery he casts his eye over.  To that end he is brought to the South of France to meet Sophie Baker (Emma Stone), an American clairvoyant with powers to seemingly see into the past and the future without breaking sweat.  Stanley, initially adamant she must be a fraudster, quickly becomes infatuated with her and believes she is in fact telling the truth.

I have not watched a Woody Allen film before, not sure whether it is by choice or just chance but I'm glad this is the first one I watched.  I love Colin Firth and Emma Stone anyway so it already had good standing but the story was great, I loved the over dramatics (not unlike a magicians act on stage).  It had the opening, the confusion and the reveal at the end. 

I feel like there is some history in the casting that I should no about, the way some of the smaller parts that were cast almost had a cameo feel (Stanley's Aunt for example) so I think I'm going to have to do some reading up to see if they have prominence in Woody Allen's previous movies.

I think this may have given me food for thought on watching Woody Allen movies, any recommendations?


  1. Wait...wait...what? You've NEVER watched a Woody Allen film before? EVER?!?!?!

    GURL! You have a film project ahead of you. Like, for real. You can't love movies and not be acquainted with one of the BEST filmmakers (and most respected/revered/copied/unique) of all time.

    I want you to log onto you Netflix account (because, you have to have one, right?) and look up these movies and bump them to the TOP of your queue:

    Vicky Cristina Barcelona
    Bullets Over Broadway
    Manhattan Murder Mystery
    Husbands and Wives
    Hannah and Her Sisters
    The Purple Rose of Cairo
    Broadway Danny Rose
    Annie Hall

    Now, that's obviously not everything he's done of note (because, like, Zelig, Interiors and Stardust Memories are also AMAZING) but this will give you a wide range of his awesomeness. YOU NEED TO DO THIS!

    Also, great review :-D

    1. I have to second this comment. Just to add his most recent stuff, also find Blue Jasmine and Midnight in Paris.

    2. Argh, i knew that was a foolish statement to make! Thank you for the suggestions, I will work my way through them and maybe knock together one post about the experience! I'll definitely give you both a heads up when I'm working on it!

      Thanks :-)

      - Jenna

  2. While I haven't seen as many Woody Allen films as I would like to have seen, I will say that I always have fun watching anything of his. Midnight in Paris is one of my favorite movies of all time, and, of course, Annie Hall is a classic. If nothing else, be sure to check those two out!

    1. Hi Tanner,

      Thank you for the recommendations, i will get on it ASAP :-)

      - Jenna

  3. Nice review! Magic in the Moonlight was delightful. Midnight in Paris currently holds top place in my heart but so many of his are worth a watch. :)