Wednesday 19 August 2015

Currently Watching: Modern Family

Having finished up Supernatural, Rookie Blue, Entourage, Chicago Fire, Nashville and 200 other series I was watching, I was desperate for something to fill the gap.  My friend recommended Modern Family to me, I had seen bits of it on the TV but it never really appealed but as I had nothing else I thought I would give it a go.

The term 'never judge a book by it's cover' couldn't be more relevant here, I didn't like the look of this but after starting to watch it I managed to watch 5 full seasons in 4 weeks!!  It is hilarious.

Modern Family is basically a fake 'docu-drama' based on three related families.  Mitchell and Cam a gay couple making arrangements to adopt a child from Vietnam.  Mitchell's sister Claire, her husband Phil and their three crazy children Haley, Alex and Luke and finally Mitchell and Claire's father Jay, his second (younger) wife Gloria and her son Manny.  They are not your average families and there everyday lives end in hilarious consequences.

Phil is by far the funniest character (any Friends fans out there, I get a bit of a Ross vibe from him) but his Dad jokes have me in stitches and when he talks to the camera, I laugh until I cry.  Phil may be my favourite but I love all the characters and they just get better and better as the seasons go on.  Generally, its all comedy and laughs but every now and then it has a sentimental moment that makes me feel all fuzzy, usually to do with Claire and/or Mitchell expecting to be disappointed by their Dad and him stepping up.  Gloria's language barrier is a great source of comedy and she is not at all irritating (which is what I got from the odd episodes I caught on TV).

I'm not going to say anymore because you have to see this for yourself to love it but to give you a teaser - some of Phil Dunphy's best Dad jokes:

Just before answering the phone:
“Quick, what’s my favourite hospital food? Jellooo”
“Quick, what does love start with? L-O.”

"If you love something set it free....... unless its a tiger"
"You only get one chance at a first impression.  I suggest Julia Child, because it's easy to do 'Save the giblets!'"



  1. I'm pleased you're liking Modern Family, I LOVE it, it has to be one of my favourite programs on TV at the moment. Lily's introduction to the rest of the family Lion King style was a personal highlight. Love the blog by the way, I've been a long time reader but never commented before! :)

  2. I wasn't a fan of Modern Family at first, but I also binge-watched the first three seasons (that was during season 4's release) and got hooked! Phil is a great character, and I love Gloria. Her moments with Stella (the dog) are some of my favorite scenes.

  3. I may have mentioned before that I don't watch much TV. There are NO series, I make it a point to see all of (though I may start with Daredevil). Most of the TV I do see is whatever others in my family happen to be watching when I sit down with them. That said, Modern Family is a show that will stop and watch whenever it happens to be on and while I'm sitting there. It is hilarious. Glad to see you like it.