Thursday 27 August 2015

Review: The Road Within (2014)

Random weeknight in with my friend Shola nothing on TV to watch, so we put this film on and was pleasantly surprised.

The Road Within starts with Vincent (Robert Sheehan) struggling to contain his tics due to his Tourette's Syndrome at his Mother's funeral.  His father (Robert Patrick) embarrassed by his sons illness, sends him to an experimental medical facility where he meets Alex (Dev Patel), an OCD sufferer and germ-o-phobe and Marie (Zoe Kravitz) an anorexic who has already been on deaths door once before.  Within a day of being in the facility, Marie steals the facility director's (Kyra Sedgwick) car and they end up on a road trip.

This was not what I expected, I thought it would either be a full comedy, making light of mental illness or a drama where it was all emotional and heart-breaking but in fact it was some where in the middle.  It had the perfect mix of comedy and drama and both me and Shola found ourselves cheering at the screen one minute and crying the next. 

The three main actors are by far the main reason for loving this film, I absolutely loved Robert Sheehan as Nathan in the British series Misfits (note his Irish accent sneaking through every now and then) and I have been waiting to see him in another role he could get his teeth into and for me this was it.  His portrayal of a Tourette's sufferer was really amazing but his comedic edge stopped it from being uncomfortable to watch.  Dev Patel is amazing in every role I see him in and this was no exception, he brought a real charm to his character.

I really could watch this again and again and probably will and I cant wait to see Robert Sheehan in more films as soon as possible and checking out his IMDB profile, I won't have long to wait!


  1. Interesting. Never heard of this, but it sounds intriguing. Isn't it great when you pop in something expecting it to be 'so so' and wind up loving it!

    1. I really had no expectations for this so it was great to absolutely love it :-)