Saturday 15 August 2015

Review: Focus (2015)

I really wanted to see this at the cinema but didn't get around to it.  Finally got around to watching it on Sky Box Office over the weekend.

Nicky (Will Smith) is a veteran con artist who takes Jess (Margot Robbie) under his wing and his heart - until things get extremely complicated.  Years pass and they cross paths again on a con in the Formula 1 world in causing chaos and disaster.

I love a good con movie, I am a huge fan of Oceans Eleven and Catch me if you can.  I really love the great twist at the end that no one was expecting but this just didn't have it for me.  I didn't find Nicky at all likeable and although these types of movies are supposed to have twists and turns in the storyline, i'm not keen when the likability of the character goes up and down with it!  In fact, I got quite bored near the middle, got distracted by Facebook and missed a few important tricks in the football game and had to rewind the whole scene and try again.  The fact is, I should have been interested enough to not have to do that but alas I wasn't.

Will Smith was a disappointment, I am a fan and I think I always will be but the cocksure version of Nicky just didn't quite come across as well as it should and then I couldn't decide if the genuine version of him was real or not - it was oh so complicated.  Margot Robbie however was, amazing, stealing every scene she was in even over superstar Smith.  I knew after seeing her in Wolf of Wall Street that she was one to watch and she is continuing to impress and now I can't wait to see her in Suicide Squad next year.

Disappointing to be honest but I managed to watch until the end.  The twists and turns confused me more than excited me but fortunately Robbie saved the day.

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  1. This movie should have been so much better, but just wasn't. Great review!

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