Monday 20 July 2015

Lessons I learnt from my favourite childhood movies....

Look who's talking (1989)
Kissing makes babies....

I don't know who the target demographic was for this movie but it had talking babies so I loved it as a kid but it did leave some unspoken confusion about how babies were made for a while, I wasn't sure whether to believe the movie or the pop up book my mom brought me :-/

The Goonies (1985)
Go on adventures....
What this actually taught me was to go off on my own with other small people like me and have an adventure...what I learnt from that is that children should NOT go on adventures without letting their parents know - that was one angry group of parents (and we never had to jewels to keep them sweet, rookie mistake!)

Free Willy (1993)
Not all animals want to be your friend.... fact most don't.  Shamu at SeaWorld specifically does not want to be my is not a movie, Orca whales are bloody scary!

Overboard (1987)
You don't have to be blood to be family....

My Niece Brogan is not really my Niece, she is my best friend's daughter.  I would give Brogan the world if I could (and she knows it!) and I would go to the ends of the Earth to make sure she is happy - but we're not blood related!

House Arrest (1996)
You may be desperate to be out of your parents 'evil' clutches but it's not all sweetness and light without them..

Having recently moved out of my Dad's house, I am suddenly very aware of how much he actually did.... am I the only one who thought there was washing up fairies?!  Plus you have to cook everything.....yourself....  It also turns out:
1) you don't know everything
2) parents can't have moved everything you have lost in the house because you live alone and you still lose things!
3) you secretly wish you could live with them again but would never admit it!

The Little Mermaid (1989)
Do leave everything you know and love behind, for a man.....

I should have known life wasn't like a Disney movie but I had to give it a go anyway.  Find a lovely horrid, mean and controlling guy who makes you feel so loved controlled that you spend the rest of your life happily ever after desperately trying to rebuild life long friendships and convince your family you won't disappear again - yeah thanks for that one Walt!


  1. LOL great post! Free Willy taught me that you can drive an Orca though a car wash with scalding hot water, (even though Orcas need cooler temperature pools) and somehow that's completely okay?

  2. excellent post! Love Goonies and Look Who's Talking!

  3. Okay, do you still have this pop up book?

  4. Great post! Part of me likes Disney Princesses because it's *~Hey, it's Disney~* but most of the female characters surrounding themselves with controlling men, men who are wealthy and take them from rags to riches, etc....Um, sure they are animated films but that's not the best message to put out there.

  5. THIS IS AMAZING...and then the last one made me so sad.

    But, like, the Free Willy bit had me spitting on my computer screen (and I hate that because I have one of those annoying touch screen computers and so any ounce of wetness makes my keyboard stop working and files start opening) I was laughing so loud.

  6. Great post! Love it.
    Last one is a little sad, but very true.

    Totally agree with the Free Willy one haha.

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