Tuesday 28 July 2015

Blind Spot: Casablanca (1942)

My Dad was thrilled when I told him I had included this in the Blind Spot list and he has asked me every time he has seen me if I have seen it yet.  After mine and Allie's movie night last week I just sent him a text saying 'Here's looking at you kid', I think I made his day as this is by far and away his favourite film of all time and in fairness I can see why.

In the city of Casablanca in unoccupied Africa during World War II, Rick Blane (Humphrey Bogart) gets a surprise when his ex Girlfriend, Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) turns up in his bar with her husband (Paul Henreid) in tow.  It's down to Rick to decide if he will save his one time love and her husband or take the selfish road and keep Ilsa for himself.

Admittedly, I spent a lot of the movie trying to work out the politics of it all, who was good, who was bad, who is from what country.  About half way through, I gave up.  I had no idea who were the good and the bad guys (in regards to the War, I know who I was rooting for in the story!) and once I stopped over thinking it, I bloody loved the movie.  Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a romance and this is the ultimate romantic film, its obvious from the start that Rick and Ilsa still love each other and you are desperate for them to admit it from the second she walks into the bar.

I wasn't planning on enjoying this, I have yet to really enjoy a black and white movie, I think my mind had been brainwashed by high action super hero movies and left no wanting for only 'story-based' films rather than the visuals being the priority.  It was quite obviously that this was mostly filmed on a sound stage but that didn't take anything away from my experience, as I expected it would.  This is also the first film I have seen with Humphrey Bogart, but I think I am going to have to make a list and start ticking them off.  He's not what I would call 'classically' good looking but he has such a charm and confidence that he instantly becomes attractive!!

I can't wait to watch this again and try to get my head around the back story, but mostly to watch the ending again.....


  1. YES!!!!! 10/10 for sure! This is one of those films that earns its reputation and is just absolutely everything. It's also my dad's favorite movie, and I have fond memories of watching this with him when I was a kid. LOVE that you love this!

  2. This is obviously one of Bogart's best, but you should definitely check out some more of his library of films. I particularly really like The African Queen with him and Katherine Hepburn. Glad you liked this one....this is one of those indisputable classics. :)

  3. Happy you got to see this and enjoyed it. Without question, this is a classic. And a girl doing something for her dad just warms my heart.