Monday, 15 September 2014

Currently Watching...3rd Rock from the Sun

It's not possible to buy this on DVD in the UK yet (I think this is a travesty!) so imagine how excited I was when I woke up the morning after getting back off holiday and finding two episodes playing back to back on Channel 4. 

Sorry, totally butting in here but is that the Trinity Killer?!

I couldn't resist checking and yes, there is was, every day 2 whole episodes... this was my face...

So what is so special about 3rd Rock from the Sun?  I never watched it properly when it was first on, I was a bit too young I think and not yet fully addicted to TV series as I am now!  But what's not to love... John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and this guy....

This show is so ridiculous it's brilliant, the jokes (that I probably didn't get as a kid) have me in stitches and as it's on first thing in the morning I have destroyed my make on numerous occasions laughing and crying.

The characters are bats**t crazy but that makes you love them even more.  Each episode has it's own storyline which means you can watch them in any order or if they just happen to be on TV (as with Friends) but it's worth watching the Pilot to know who the characters are and why they are on the 3rd rock.

The downside is, that because I'm watching them on the TV, I miss episodes and they are not necessarily in the right order (i.e. Joseph Gordon-Levitt aged about 6 years overnight last night!) this is why it needs to be released on Region 2 DVD NOW!!

If you've not seen this, you need to give it a go and if you hear any rumours of Region 2 DVD's let me know ;-)

Up until recently I thought 3rd Rock from the Sun and 30 Rock were the same show. Funnily enough I've just started watching 30 Rock so I may have to try this now! Like Jenna, I remember this show from when I was younger but had little interest in it back then.


  1. Loved this show, i managed to get the box set in the UK few years ago, surprised it still isn't available

  2. 3rd Rock From The Sun is amazing. I grew up watching this show, and when I'm able to see episodes of it now, it's still hilarious. It has some of the best sitcom acting too from a lot of other shows.

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