Monday 15 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2 Gremlins (1984)

This was out movie choice for the last Flick Chicks movie morning (the night consisted of tequila and Mexican food!!) although, I wasn't quite sure how this came into the Top 12 Christmas movies.  I also thought I had seen this film but after watching it I hadn't at all, I think maybe I have seen Gremlins 2 and have always believed it was number 1 - who knows!? 

I had the ultimate pleasure of watching Gremlins for the very first time, as I now begin to realise I must have seen nothing but Disney films as a child.

Anyway, this version of Gremlins starts with Randall Peltzer buying a Mogwai for his Son under the strict guidelines of NO bright lights, NO water and NO food after midnight.  Unfortunately, once back in Kingston Falls all three invariably happen (incredibly quickly!) leaving the town overrun by ugly green monsters with only Billy (Zack Galligan), Kate (Phoebe Cates) and Gizmo to save them.

I had forgotten how much I loved Gizmo, he is by far the highlight of the film.  Although this is listed as a horror, its too comical and entertaining (without cheap thrills) to be considered a horror, I would suggest an action film personally.  The story is original and even watching it now, it had aged pretty well, the Mogwai/gremlin animatronics and puppets are still impressive even now and I think the lack of CGI is what has made it last this well.

Gizmo is actually quite adorable, I didn't really see the attraction until I actually watched this. Honestly though I'd rather have the family dog! He was a total sweetheart! Considering the age of the film I totally agree, the animatronics are quite a wonder and definitely sets it on a higher bar than its CGI styled counterparts. I think it qualifies as a horror, it's just not quite as scary watching it as an adult!

I found some of the dialogue a bit cheesy and off putting but they brought Gizmo on screen and all was forgotten.  I also loved Billy's Mom played by Frances Lee McCain, she was completely and utterly badass, mutilating Gremlins left right and centre in kitchen appliances.  I have half a mind to withdraw my Women in Film Blogathon Contribution and swap Mary Poppins for this awesome Gremlin killing machine.  She didn't need any man to come and save her, she will save herself.

She was amazing. I loved her, she just threw one gremlin in the blender, stabbed a second, then microwaved another to death in just a few short moments, without batting an eyelid. What a legend! That scene alone qualifies this as a horror in my eyes.

Brilliantly comical and clever creature feature, fun for the whole family (but don't watch while you're eating!).  This has also reminded me that all I wanted for Christmas and Birthday's for about 2 years was a Gizmo doll, I may have to rethink this years Christmas list now!

This was a really unique Christmas film and I really enjoyed it. I got quite bored during the last part, the hunt for the gremlins took too long, but other than I thought it was great.


  1. I saw this for the first time a couple years ago, really enjoyed it but for one reason or another I haven't thought about watching it again. I may have to re-watch it this year. Great post ladies.

  2. Definitely worth a re-watch and Christmas holidays is the perfect time :-)

    - Jenna