Sunday 13 March 2016

The madness of a career in events....

As you probably know by now, me and Allie met while working together as event managers, a career that we both have aspirations to continue (for our sins!).  So while discussing our career plans over a in depth text conversation we (as usual) made ourselves laugh hysterically and decided we should write a blog post about it!  This is how the conversation went:

Jenna: The events jobs in Birmingham are poop, all the good work is in London!
Allie: That's true.
Jenna: Ditch Colin, I'll ditch the house and we'll get a flat in London (Sorry Colin!)
Jenna: Nooooooo don't do that I like Colin
Allie:  Haha! Leave me behind then
Jenna:  Noooooooo
Allie: Aww fanks
Allie: Stuff this anyway, lets move to the States
Allie:  work the Oscars instead
Jenna: YES! Meet you at the airport in an hour!  Sell the cars for rent money! haha!
Allie: I'm already f*"*ing here
Allie: TICKET PLEASE.  No excuse me Domhnall you need to come down this carpet.  Be with you in a moment Mr Issac.
Jenna: Mr DiCaprio, this way please
Allie: hahahahahahahaha
Jenna: I'm making this into to blog post TODAY!!

We need help!!

Thought maybe I should throw some movie related stuff into this (you know to make it relevant!!).  So here are my favourite work related movies:

If I ever thought I could be a PA or an assistant then I swiftly changed my mind after this film.  Meryl Streep for such a likeable person is truly terrifying, I would sweat through 12 shirts a day if I had to work for her.  This was also my first experience of Emily Blunt and I still quote her today "I eat nothing for days and when I think I'm going to pass out I eat a cube of cheese" haha!

I can't believe I waited so long to watch this movie, it is exactly what office life is like.  Doesn't everyone's office have a Milton? (although my colleagues would tell me that I am particularly protective of my stapler!).  The scene in the field when they smash up the printer pops into my head everytime the sodding printer at work flashes the word 'error' at me!!

Ok maybe I can't relate to this one so much, I've had some bad bosses in my time but none of them have ever hit on me, nor have I tried to kill any of them.  However, I do love this movie (maybe not as much as Allie I freaking LOVE this movie), its really funny and most people can relate to it in one way or another (hopefully not the murderous way!).

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