Monday 28 March 2016

HBO's Girls - 11 Reasons to Love Hannah Horvath

Whilst I can't claim to be a die hard Girls fan, (I only started watching the show in December last year) I can say that it is without a doubt one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It seems to really divide the nation between love and hate, and even though I can't fully relate to any of it's main characters, (I'm British, have a boring job and am not financially funded by my parents) there's something about the cast that has me hooked, and Lena Dunham's character Hannah is normally the one to thank for that.

Hannah isn't without her faults. She's selfish at times, reacts badly in social situations, and gets herself into some terrible relationships. But not one episode has gone by where I haven't thought to myself at least once, "omg that's me" and that's why, deep down, I love her. So, in true ramble and list form, here are just a few of the reasons I find her so loveable.

1. She attempted to cut her own hair, which went horribly wrong. I've had a fringe all my life, and on too many occasions I've resorted to trimming it myself. When I had something similar to a pixie cut, I went one step further, and that ended disatrously. 

2. Her dress sense changes dramatically to sophisticated chic to a complete mess. Come on, we're surely all guilty of buying a 'quirky' top that we were so sure we could pull off at the time? 

3. I think this was in the very first episode, but once I saw Hannah eating a cupcake whilst in the bath, I knew that Girls was the show for me. Not that I've actually done this myself. Yet.

4. Food might be a running theme in this post, come to think of it. Anyway, I'm 26 years old and still use the phrase 'I'm a growing girl'. Sadly I only seem to grow outwards now. Sadface.

5. This bridesmaid dress moment had me in stitches. Dresses are hard, okay?! Especially any dresses related to a wedding. I should know! For the record, I'm digging the way Hannah put this on.

6. Have I mentioned food yet?

7. I don't think I've heard such true words before. This is definitely who I want! Thankfully I found him, and we're making it official in May!

8. I honestly feel like I've learnt things from this show. For years I've said yes to every offer of plans, even ones I didn't want to do, and since I started saying no more, I'm a much happier person.

9. Hannah can be so overdramatic, and although this is normally when she can get irritating, the car crash moment was funny. I've certainly been a little theatrical for some extra sympathy in the past.

10. Hannah's enthusiasm and confidence are my favourite traits of hers, and this quote in particular is brilliant. You don't need to be skilled in all things, and I wish curiosity got you further in the real world.

11. Finally, and this might not mean much to you, but this is exactly how I'm blogging right now, and it wasn't until I was researching some imagery for this post that I even realised. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to run a bath, grab a cupcake and then cut my own hair...

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