Saturday 26 March 2016

Blind Spot Review: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

I sit here at 19:33 on Sunday night with a stinking hangover, having watched Terminator 2 curled up in a ball in my sofa.  I thought with my fuzzy head I might struggle to follow it but I'm pretty sure I got it all!

The sequel to Terminator (which was in last years Blind Spot list) "T2" brings back the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) but this time recruited to protect John Connor (Edward Furlong) from the advanced T-1000 (Robert Patrick) sent to kill him.  John, Sarah (Linda Hamilton) and the T-800 go on the run staying one step ahead of the killer robot.

First thing I have to say is straight away you can see the improvements in the special effects, helicopters, huge explosions and melting robots, its exciting from beginning to end.  I have to admit, I think I prefer this one to the original, mostly because of Sarah's kickass-ness and also the humour and light heartedness that John brings to the game.  Him trying to teach the T-800 how to be a bit more human really made me laugh and I can see where this movie influenced Terminator Genisys with that version of Sarah Connor teaching "pops" how to be more human.

I think this is an important time to mention the bizarre order in which I have watched these films, I started years ago with Terminator Salvation, followed by Terminator 1 then Terminator Genisys and now Terminator 2.  If the timelines get confusing when you watch them in order, try watching them in the wrong order.

Overall, I really enjoyed this, I was entertained from beginning to end (even with my hangover) and loved the father/son type bond that developed with John and the Terminator.  I did miss Kyle Reese though!

Not going to wait until the next Blind Spot challenge to watch Rise of the Machines, I'm so intrigued as to how Arnie is in it again!


  1. Yeah!! Awesome write up, this movie is one of the best sequels ever, if not the best ever

  2. It is interesting to compare Sarah Connor's arc from the first film to the second. It is so dramatic that it could easily have not worked, but Linda Hamilton is great, and keeps enough of the emotional vulnerability to pull the two performances together.

  3. Truly one of the greatest action flicks ever made. Couldn't imagine coming into the franchise out of order like that. Looking forward to your thoughts on Rise of the Machines.

  4. This is my favorite of the Terminator movies, I'm glad you liked it too! I'm due for a rewatch.

  5. A few years ago my wife, who had never seen the film, scoffed at the idea of watching it. She finally agreed, after much convincing on my part, to give the film a shot and absolutely loved it.

    I find that this film is endlessly watchable. The visual effects and overall plot still hold up today.

  6. There's something about sequels now that just match up to sequels then. Judgement Day is better than the first one for sure. The tech is better and the evil terminator is better. Great post!