Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review: The Starving Games (2013)

I haven't watched a spoof film for a while now. I thought they were great when I was younger but I guess I just sort of grew out of them. My brother text me the other day though saying that he'd seen The Starving Games on Netflix and loved it, and so while I had a friend over, we thought we would give it a try.  I won't say much on this one because I HATE spoof films, I enjoyed the first 2 Scary Movies and everything after that was daft and ridiculous so I haven't watched one since.  I can't comment on this review wise because I haven't seen it and I doubt I will ever watch it!

The film keeps to the plot of The Hunger Games, and sticks to it quite well actually. It doesn't go off on a huge tangent like others have done. There are many other film and popular culture references here but they all tie in with the main plot which is a relief.

Now, this is no Hollywood, $100m budget film, in fact some of the special effects are so awful that I think I could have done better with an iPhone app, but amazing effects just isn't what you should expect from these types of films anyway. I actually enjoyed most of it! It's just plan silliness, from the character names (Kantmiss, Effoff, etc) to other silly names such as:

Plus, who can say no to a silly cameo by The Avengers? Hawkeye getting picked on, as usual? Sure, why not.

The Starving Games isn't going to age very well, sadly. Will we all still know who LMFAO, Psy, and the Angry Birds are in 10 years' time? Probably not.

I wanted to give this a 4/10 originally. But then I remind myself of some of the jokes which are actually really funny, and so I don't think I can be that cruel. This definitely isn't a film that you should rush out and buy on DVD or anything, but if you have Netflix and an hour or so to burn, just give this a try.

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