Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Book Adaptation Predictions

Following the success of Nicholas Sparks, Stephanie Meyer, Suzanne Collins and more recently Veronica Roth in turning books into hugely successful films I predict that a lot more book adaptations will be popping up in the coming years.  As a big lover of books (as well as films) I thought I would predict what would be some of the next adaptations to hit the big screen.  I have just written this post off the top of my head, no googling etc.  So now I want to find out if any of my predictions are in the pipeline.  I have done a bit of research and I have noted in italic is what I have found out.

Before I go to sleep - SJ Watson

If I'm honest I have already seen in a film magazine that this book in going to be made into a film, however when I read it about 2 years ago, I thought at the time that it would make a good film and I was sure someone would pick it up.  In my defence, I didn't have a blog 2 years ago to note my predictions, so you are just going to have to take my word for it.  Before I go to sleep is the story of Christine, who wakes up every morning with no memory of her life, she writes in a diary that she hides from her husband to try to remember her life from her own mind instead of being told.  However, she soon discovered that her past is more horrific than she could have imagined.  As already mentioned this is already in production and is due to be released in the UK in September starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong.  Review to follow. 1 for 1

The Matched Series (Matched/Crossed/Reached) - Allie Condie

I read this series about 6 months ago after a recommendation from my cousin.  They are really good stories (and stay interesting through all three books) and I think they would make great films, following hot on the heels of Divergent and The Hunger Games showing a future in which decisions are taken out of the hands of young people.  Matched follows Cassia in a future where all aspects of teenagers (and adults) lives are chosen for them, including who they should marry, where they should work and how many children they should have.  When Cassia realises there is someone better suited out there than her match, she begins to question all the decision society is making for her.  Ok, so Disney have brought the movie rights to this trilogy and it is marked as 'in development' so watch this space. 2 out of 2.

Me before you - Jojo Moyes

Another recommendation from a friend this time.  After spending months reading the likes of Hunger Games, Divergent and Matched, I really wanted to read a book that was not about a horrible futuristic society or a love triangle or the heroic female character, so I thought I would give this a go.  I loved this book, it was so different from everything I had recently read but it was brilliantly written and you could very much identify with the lead character, much more so than in the recent dystopian society based novels.  The story follows Lou, who in fairness has no real drive to change her life or do anything different and Will who lived a life of chaos and excitement with no two days being the same.  Their lives are thrown together and neither of them expect how much they will effect each other.  MGM have secured the rights to this and is currently 'in development' - three for three go me!!!

I don't know whether Jojo Moyes has been approached about movie rights for her books or if she's the next PL Travers and refusing to allow them the rights, however I can see her books heading to Hollywood very soon.  I'm following up with Last Letter from your Lover another of Moyes books which, my guess if she makes one into a movie, the rest will soon follow.  Watch this space! No news on this yet, but my guess is that if Me Before You is a success, the Jojo Moyes will end up on the Nicholas Sparks route :-) Darn 3/4

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

I have this book and it is itching to be read but I just haven't quite got round to it.  However, based on the success of Hunger Games and Divergent, my guess is this will be making an appearance on the big screen before long.  It's about a young boy who wakes up with 60 other young boys with no recollection of their previous lives, they are surrounded by a deadly maze with seemingly no means of escape.

I actually can't wait to read this and I have recently got into a habit of deciding who I think should play characters as I read them in the book so I will update on my predictions at a later stage.
It seems I need to get reading, this has been made and is due out on October 2014 - 4/5 so far!!

Bared to you (Crossfire series) - Sylvia Day
I haven't personally read this series and I don't plan to read them.  I wasn't a huge fan of the Fifty Shades books but I finished them because once I've started I have to know how they end.  However, if the Fifty Shades films are as successful as they are hoping, then I'm sure this will be the next up to be given the Hollywood make over.  Lionsgate have acquired the rights to this novel so this will be on the move soon. 5/6

The Delirium Trilogy - Lauren Oliver (Delirium/Pandemonium/Requiem)

Another in the Hunger Games/Divergent category.  I actually thought this would make it to the big screen before Divergent, but alas I was wrong.  I have read all of these books, which focus on Lena who develops what society calls 'amor deliria nervosa' which is actually 'love' - she falls in love in a society where it is considered a disease.  This has the love story which contributed to the success of The Hunger Games and the Twilight series but also has quite a unique plotline.  This, for a change, is set in an alternate present as opposed to a vision of the future.  The only downside for me was the third book, Requiem, which lost my interest a little, I found myself only reading it to find out how it ends, but still it think they would make very good films and they would probably liven up the third book to keep interest (and also split it in two if history is to repeat itself).  From what I can tell this is going to be made into a series, not a movie with Emma Roberts in the lead role.  I am quite excited about this as you know I enjoy a good series so i'll be keeping an eye on this to find out when it starts.

So I got 5.5 right out of 7 guesses, not to bad! 

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