Tuesday 31 May 2016

Trivia Round-Up: May 2016

Here's a fun bit of trivia. I got married 2 days ago! Argh! As you're reading this, I'm probably packing my suitcase for our Honeymoon in the USA and eating far too many pieces of leftover wedding cake. That's how I picture it, anyway. Because right now, as I type this, there's still 3 weeks to go. I'm just super organised and drafting up posts ready for while I'm away for a few weeks. If I close my eyes though, I really can taste that cake...

Anyway, as it usually goes here at Flick Chicks, this post is dedicated to all the fun trivia we found for the movies we reviewed this month, with links to the reviews themselves. Enjoy!

Will Ferrell was originally set to play the real father, with Ed Helms set to play the stepfather.
Ehhhhh...I don't know if that would have been better? Some better trivia, without spoiling it, would be that this has an amazing cameo at the end. Uh-may-zing.

The exterior and some of the interior sets of Auradon Prep is the same ones used for Xavier's School in X-Men 2 (2003), the Luthor mansion in Smallville (2001) and the Queen mansion in Arrow (2012). 

This includes a spoiler but I don't know anyone who reads out blog that liked Nicholas Sparks movies anyway!
This is the first Nicholas Sparks adapted film where no character (whether they're main or supporting) dies by the end of the movie.

The film was originally pitched in August 2001 by Andrew Kevin Walker, with Wolfgang Petersen to direct and Akiva Goldsman to script. Goldman's script had Bruce Wayne's fiancée slain by the Joker, which sends him on a revenge rampage and brings him into conflict with Superman who tries to stop him. The film was shelved, but in Goldman's I Am Legend (2007), a teaser poster for the film (the Superman shield inside a bat) was seen in the opening scene.
THIS. Why couldn't we have had this instead?!

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)
When the time travel ad is shown in the beginning, there are ads surrounding it for a Datsun and 1979 Hornet Wagon. Both of these cars are seen when the magazine trio is in Ocean View. Kenneth drives a first generation Datsun Z car and when Darius follows him to the "secure location" after he's done with work, they are spooked in the alley by a 1975-1977 Hornet Wagon, as AMC did not make a 1979 Hornet.
I love little details like this.

Testament of Youth (2014)
Although Vera Brittain married the political scientist George Catlin in 1925, they actually never met during or immediately after the war, as is depicted in movie. George Catlin did volunteer at the beginning of the war but was rejected; he did serve in Belguim as a soldier late in the war.
Really disappointed in the trivia for this one, thought there would be loads more!

The Fountain (2006)
Instead of using CGI, Darren Aronofsky chose to do the special effects for the film by using micro-photography of chemical reactions on tiny petri dishes. He has said that CGI would take away from the timelessness of the film and that he wants the film to stand the test of time.

Cars (2006)
Every third blink of the stoplight in Radiator Springs really is slower by half a second, confirming Fillmore's observation.
As expected, there are so many hidden details in this movie that the trivia is endless, but this little bit in particular made me smile.

Mulan (1998)
The only Disney animated film to use the phrase "cross-dresser". The film was almost rated PG because of the use of the phrase.
I was actually shocked that Disney allowed that phrase!

The Emperor's New Groove (2000)
When the pieces of the bridge fall into the river, the four letters of the word DAMN can be seen falling one by one among the individual planks.
I did NOT pick up on this, and I've been laughing about it for about 5 minutes now.

Brave (2012)
The misunderstood dialect that Young MacGuffin (voiced by Kevin McKidd) speaks is called Doric. It is spoken in northeastern Scotland including Kevin McKidd's hometown of Elgin.
Good Lord!

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
The day before filming a fight scene with Robert Downey Jr., Sebastian Stan sent him a video of himself doing intense bicep curls in front of the decapitated head of an Iron Man suit. He attached the message, 'Looking forward to our scene tomorrow Robert.'
I'm sorry, I'm doing such a dis-service to the amazing trivia around for this movie but this was just too darn funny to not include!

The Machinist (2004)
The producers of the film claim that Christian Bale dropped from about 173 pounds in weight down to about 110 pounds in weight to make this film. They also claim that Bale actually wanted to drop down to 100 pounds, but that they would not let him go below 120 out of fear that his health could be in too much danger if he did. His diet consisted of one can of tuna and an apple per day. His 63-pound weight loss is said to be a record for any actor for a movie role. He regained the weight in time for his role in Batman Begins (2005).
If that isn't dedication at it's finest, I don't know what is...

The Jungle Book (2016)
While the film is a live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book (1967), the filmmakers decided to include elements from the Rudyard Kipling novel to make the film more adventurous and dangerous. The story of the film is not independently taken from Kipling's works but also borrows cinematic inspirations from other films, including the child-mentor relationship in Shane (1953), the establishment of rules in a dangerous world from Goodfellas (1990) and the use of a shadowy jungle figure in Apocalypse Now (1979).


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