Wednesday 3 June 2015

Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

Around Christmas time in 2014, the cinemas were shoving trailers for Kingsman: The Secret Service down our throats, and although it looked pretty funny, I had no intentions to see it in the cinema, because it was a film for High School kids. Then, in the new year, some of my friends saw it and wouldn’t stop raving about it, and once I read into some reviews I realised. This is possibly the most mis-marketed film in history.  Whereas I saw the trailer an knew immediately that I had to see it (this probably says a lot about my mental age!!)

Kingsman is a secret spy organisation ran by true gentlemen. When disaster strikes and the service loses a key member, a group of new recruits are chosen to be put to the test. One of these new recruits is foul mouthed, street-smart Eggsy (Taron Egerton), who despite his upbringing, is a good lad and simply wants to do what’s best. Harry Hart (Colin Firth) mentors Eggsy in the hope he makes the cut, while the world in under threat by the film’s villain, Valentine (Samuel L Jackson).

I didn’t realise how crazy the plot actually was until I sat down and finally watched the film last night. Think Hot Fuzz meets James Bond, that’s the best kind of comparison I feel I can make. This is absolutely not a kid’s film. It’s age 15 restriction, bad language and violence puts it firmly in the adult category, but fun-loving adults only. Don’t expect a serious, realistic plot from this, because it’s just not that kind of film.

Despite my hatred of ‘chav’ characters, I really warmed to Eggsy right from the outset and found him highly likeable. It was the posh jerks training with him that really wound me up. The whole cast did a really good job though, I thought, especially Samuel L Jackson as the bad guy, with his eccentric clothing and lisp.

The action was awesome and the CGI elements would have been brilliant on the big screen. The scene with Harry fighting in the church was a great example of this. This will probably give the wrong impression now but my fiance and I laughed out loud during that scene. It was just so intense, and so crazy, but done so very well. That was a scene without many fancy Kingsman gadgets too.  Me and Lou were laughing in the cinema too so you're not completely bonkers ;-)

This was a great 'impression' of a classic spy movie that almost takes the piss out of itself.  I fully agree with Allie that Eggsy is a truly likable character (although the nickname sounds more like the actors nickname that the characters, just me?!) and you are willing him to succeed.  Colin Firth is brilliant as Harry and the months of training that he went through for the role is apparent, I can't imagine anyone doing a better job.

My only niggle (and that is all it is) is that I found Samuel L Jackson's character really irritating, I am aware that he was meant to be completely over the top as with everything in the movie but he just grated on me somewhat - I'm sure many will disagree with me!!

The story is completely far fetched, the gadgets ridiculous and the one-liners hilarious, everything required for a highly entertaining two hours. 

Kingsman: The Secret Service is just an all-round brilliant film, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s so easy to watch, and would be just as perfect with a group of friends on a Friday night just as much as watching it in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

This is definitely a re-watcher for me, in fact I've already seen it 3 times since the cinema ;-)

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