Thursday 25 June 2015

Supernatural: 10 Seasons, 220 Episodes, 7 Months

Now might seem like a weird time to be blogging about Supernatural, weeks after the Season 10 finale, but bear with me, there’s a point here.

Last year, at the end of November, I embarked on a Supernatural journey. I’d recently started a new job, so close to home I had an extra hour’s time at home in the morning before leaving, which gave me a chance to catch up on some TV Shows. I’d already burnt through The IT Crowd, and I was looking for something new to start. Friends both old and current had recommended Supernatural, and as a Tumblr user, I only understood 50% of my home feed, despite not following any Supernatural-related blogs.

Any Tumblr will understand that the place seems to be run by the ‘SuperWhoLock’ fandom! I’d also received a Supernatural themed tee in Qwertee’s ‘Insanitee sale', and really, I don’t know what other push I needed. I’d worked out that if I watched 1 episode each morning before work, it would take me just under a year to catch up. Spoilers ahead for all 10 Seasons!

I expected to get some sort of Supernatural-fatigue halfway through and give up, but honestly, I fell in love. There were seasons that I loved and will want to re-watch at some point (I’m looking at you, Season 5) and others that I just couldn’t stand (screw you, Season 6). What I didn’t expect was to have finished the entire lot in 7 months. I burnt through Season 6 as I hated the ‘Soul-less Sam’ storyline, and watched it more as background noise than anything else. Season 5 took me no time at all as I fell in love, and Season 7 took the longest as the leviathans bored the pants off me, and I couldn’t bring myself to carry on.

Throughout the last 7 months I really don’t feel like I’ve spoiled too much for myself. I truly didn’t know how each season would end (9 being the exception here) but it still wasn’t the same as watching it ‘live’. 

Now I feel like I understand Tumblr a whole lot better, and I’ve earnt the right to fill blog posts with Supernatural reaction memes! Apologies if this happens all the time now, but hey, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I'll also be found singing Carry on my Wayward Son a lot, #sorrynotsorry with that one.

So, am I looking forward to Season 11? I am! I don’t know how everyone else feels, but although Dean irritated the hell out of me, I loved Season 10, and I’m excited to see how the brothers deal with ‘the darkness’. What’s going to happen to Castiel? Anyone else Rowena has mind controlled that way hasn’t lived to tell the story. I’m sure he’ll find a way though. 

Now that there’s a Supernatural shaped hole in my mornings, I’ve started to catch up on Sleepy Hollow Season 2. I thought the first Season last year was full of promise, and I got to meet Tom Mison this year so I feel like I owe it to him. 


  1. Wow, I'm super impressed. It took me 10 years to watch this show! I started in 2005. I love this show, but that's the one thing that puts people off...they're like, but there are 10 seasons! I can't start now. Like that's a bad thing?

    I was giving birth in the hospital in 2013 and what else was on the hospital tv except 'Supernatural' season finale.... That was the ep when the angels fell. That was a great season finale. So 'Supernatural' will always have a special place in my heart.

    I will say that I was a little disappointed with season 10. Perhaps b/c I've been watching so long I feel like I've grown up with these two wacky guys. I could barely get through s10. I really do think it's time for the show to wrap it up soon. There are only so many times they can destroy the world.

    1. Yep, that was definitely me last year, the thought of catching up on 10 seasons was a horrifying thought! I'm so glad I did though, because if I watched it 'live' I might have given up after season 7.

      What a wonderful story you have though! I'll always think of you now when I think of that episode :)

      It's definitely time for Supernatural to come to an end soon though, I agree. The season 5 finale was so fantastic, I hope they can do something just as amazing when the time comes.
      - Allie