Friday, 22 May 2015

Movie Roulette Blogathon

I'm guilty of saying this with every Blogathon we've taken part in, but Mettel Ray is hosting a super fun Movie Roulette Blogathon right now, and I for one am so happy to take part!

As always, these things come with a set of rules, and here they are in Mettel's words:

1. There are 25 facts, you have to pick 5 or more and for each, you drag out a movie as an answer!

2. You can only drag out one movie for each statement, no do overs, guys!
*If you haven’t seen the movie (or can’t recognize it) you can pick again.
*If you pull out a movie you already dragged out, you can try again until you get a different one.

3. Write down your answers and feel free to comment whether they make sense or not.

4. Link back to this announcement, and link to the Movie Roulette Ultimate Gif Set as well!

5. Last but not least, have fun!

Let's do this!

1. I hate the main character of this movie, but I think he/she is still very hot.

Donnie Darko - Aww, this is absolutely not true! How can you hate Donnie? He's just misunderstood. And a little creepy. He is hot though, I'll give the roulette that one.

2. My life can be described by the events in this movie.

Cabin In The Woods - Oh dear. I think I'm a little screwed. Remind me to never stay in a creepy cabin on holiday. Or go near any woods. I live right by a small wood. Oh. 

3. This movie makes me so emotional I even cried while watching it.

Hannah Montana - Haha. Hahahahahaha...who wouldn't cry whilst watching Hannah Montana, right? Is it time to admit this movie is a huge guilty pleasure of mine? Keep quiet Jenna, you know the words to Hoedown Throwdown too!

4. Watching this movie is better than sex.

Dredd - My fiance would probably agree with this conclusion! I'd rather have the physical encounter, thanks. Still a very good movie though!

5. I'm honestly going to watch this movie as soon as possible after finishing this game. (Challenge accepted!)

Hitman - Absolutely challenge accepted! I don't know why I haven't seen this already, I loved the games! By that of course, I mean I was terrible at them and had great fun watching my fiance play them while I threw a tantrum.

1. This movie describes my mood in the mornings the best.

Looper - Actually yes, I generally wake up a bit confused!!

2. I always wanted to punch this movie’s main character in the face.

American Beauty - Not the main character but Mena Suvari - yes!

3. My life can be described by the events in this movie.

Lethal Weapon - Urm I haven't seen this film in full but I have seen bits and pieces, but I am forever getting into car chases and getting shot at so it's pretty accurate!

4. The lead actor of this movie is my future husband.

Jarhead - Jake Gyllenhaal  Hands off Allie, he's mine!! ;-)

5. Every time this movie is on TV, I turn it off and sit in complete silence instead.

Snakes on a plane - I haven't seen this but I imagine sitting in silence staring at the wall would be preferable, or is it so bad that its good?!


  1. I'm tired of these muthafuckin snakes on this muthafuckin plane!

    I haven't seen it either, but that line is! the Lethal Weapon life is AMAZING, and the fact that Allie knows the words to Hoedown Throwdown is giving me LIFE right now.

    1. It's just so darn catchy! I usually have my whole iTunes collection on shuffle when I'm in the car and every time it comes on, well I must look silly in traffic.
      - Allie

  2. I'm getting this weird visual of you two watching the Hannah Montana movie and singing Hoedown Throwdown while using a hairbrush for a microphone.

    Love living that Lethal Weapon life!

    And Snakes on a Plane is definitely so bad it's awesome!

    1. You know, we've never sat and watched it together. I think that needs to happen, like, soon! With a review and everything :D
      - Allie

  3. Your future husband looks so sweet and sexy. Send me an invitation to the wedding. ;-)

  4. Funny results, gals! Of all the 'so bad it's good' movies I've watched, Snakes on a Plane is not one of them. Not a bad future husband to have! :)