Monday 30 June 2014

Trivia Round-Up: June

Last month we did a mammoth post with our favourite trivia from the films we had reviewed so far. It was great fun to put together so we thought, why not turn this into a monthly round-up! It also serves as a great reminder of the films we've reviewed each month.

Production was suspended for a planned two weeks due to the extraordinary air pollution caused by heavy smoke from the wild fires surrounding Moscow in August 2010. It eventually resumed three weeks later. Even with this precaution, smoke still made it into a lot of shots and had to be digitally removed in post production.
The idea of the film was an inside joke by Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. The three mentioned how the Wild West was always depicted to be dangerous and believed that there are too many ways to die in the setting.
I also found out that Seth MacFarlane has written a novel based off the film. I spotted it in Waterstones!
The Sixth Sense (1999) *SPOILER ALERT*
This was so long I have had to copy it from IMDB but it does include massive amounts of spoilers so please don't read it if you haven't seen the film.  It's just so interesting I couldn't pass it up:
'M. Night Shyamalan deliberately used the color red to depict when the world of the living and the world of the dead would crossover. If red was in a scene where that was not the case, he would change it. The door to the church where Cole and Malcolm first interact is red, and the statue Cole takes from the church has a red robe. The doorknob to Malcolm's basement is red. Cole's school uniform jacket is reddish (maroon); he is often approached by the dead people while at school and/or wearing his uniform. Anna wears a red dress at the restaurant where Malcolm is late for their anniversary. When Malcolm is watching his wife Anna in the shower and notices her prescription in the cabinet, it's in a reddish-brown container. Lynn Sear's nail polish is red when she is pointing out the white spots (ghosts) on all the pictures of Cole in the hallway. Cole's 'free association' writing is in red ink; the writing presumably records things he's heard from the dead. At the birthday party all the visible balloons are pastel-colored, except for the red balloon that floats up the stairway and leads Cole to the small closet. Cole is wearing a red sweater when he is attacked by the spirit in the closet. Cole's blanket at the hospital is reddish (pink) when he confesses to Malcolm that he sees dead people. The birthday gift Anna gives to Sean is in a red box and she is wearing red when the two of them embrace and Malcolm breaks the shop door. When Malcolm listens to a taped session with Vincent, as he turns up the cassette recorder volume the control numbers go from white to red. Kyra Collins appears in Cole's fort, and the blanket covering it is red. The box containing Kyra's VHS tape is trimmed in red and has a red-lined interior. The outfit worn by Mrs. Collins at Kyra's wake is bright red, and she is the only person wearing a bright color. In the video, the soup Mrs. Collins brings to Kyra is tomato soup, and the bottle of pine cleaner Mrs. Collins adds to the soup has a red cap on it. The bicyclist Cole sees next to the car is wearing a red helmet. The blanket that Anna Crowe covers herself with while watching the wedding video is red.'  ( 
Johnny Knoxville has stated that his Irving Zisman character is a combination of his own father and a more perverted version of himself.
The Bushkins (the couple who originally owned the camp) were played by Ben Stillers actual parents Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.
Chris Pratt was originally cast as Billy but had to leave the project due to scheduling conflicts.
This film didn't do as well in cinemas as they had hoped especially considering the positive critical responses to it.  AMC decided to offer a money back guarantee to customers, if they saw the film and didn't enjoy it they could have a full refund.
I can see why this would work, I personally didn't like the look of the film, it didn't seem like my thing but I loved it!
Katniss wears an unusual woollen garment. This is apparently a reference to the talent that victors are required to pursue, since they don't need to work any more, and Katniss initially struggles since her best real talent is hunting. Then her designer Cinna steps in and supplies her with garments that she can claim to have designed herself.
Sadly I couldn't find any trivia for this, but it was interesting to find out that the film's budget was $4,500,000.


  1. This is such a great idea for a monthly roundup! Love this. I'm also surprised that Cinderella Man didn't do that well in cinemas. It's such a beautiful film!

    1. Thank you! Looking up trivia straight after a film is something we both love to do and some of the things you find out are amazing!
      - Allie