Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day: My Favourite TV Romances

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. I spent Friday night at the cinema with my fiance and 4 of our friends watching Deadpool, and Saturday afternoon getting tattooed (a paper X-Wing if you’re curious), so it’s been pretty romantic so far. Not! Tonight though, our fanciest wine glasses will come out of the cupboards, for a night on the sofa with the BAFTAs! Steamy.

In the spirit of today, I wanted to share some of my favourite TV romances. Spoiler alerts ahead in case you aren’t up to date with any of these shows!


Leslie & Ben (Parks and Recreation)
It took me a whole season to really get into Parks and Recreation, and by the time I came to really appreciate it’s comedy, they introduced two new characters, Chris and Ben. Change upsets me, and when Ben’s presence started to distract Leslie from her beautiful land mermaid friend Anne, I got angry. That lasted all of about 2 episodes before I came to realise just how perfect Leslie & Ben are. #RelationshipGoals right here!
Cutest Moment: Too many to count, but my tablet wallpaper has been the shot of them both on their wedding day in front of their favourite mural for some time now.


Monica & Chandler (Friends)
Any fan of Friends can tell you in a heartbeat which character they relate to most. I know I’m a Monica, admittedly high maintenance, but I’m also a bit of a Chandler, telling terrible jokes in the absolute worst situations. That’s why I loved their relationship so much. I’ve been rewatching a lot of episodes lately whilst I’ve been wedding planning, I can’t wait to show Jenna my table plan which is inspired by Monica’s!
Cutest Moment: The proposals, without a doubt.


Hannah & Adam (Girls)
Ugh. Girls is my current obsession, and I’m excited and terrified for Season 5. That ‘6 months later’ scene in the Season 4 finale was horrible! Hannah & Adam’s relationship has been so interesting to follow. I hated Adam in Season 1, then I hated Hannah in Season 2, and by Season 3 came along, I realised just how well suited they are for each other. They make each other human!
Cutest Moment: When Adam ran through New York City whilst facetiming Hannah just to comfort her when she needed him. I’m not crying again, I promise...


Oliver & Felicity (Arrow)
After a disappointing Season 3 of Arrow, we were promised a much lighter, more ‘comic style’ Season 4, and well, that lasted about 2 episodes. I’m not sure how much longer I can continue defending this show, but the only thing that’s keeping me watching each week is Oliver & Felicity. It’s been a game of ‘will they, won’t they’ for years so it’s hugely satisfying to finally see them together.
Cutest Moment: “Felicity, you have failed this omelette”. 


Ragnar & Lagertha (Vikings)
Leaving the romance topic to one side for a minute, Lagertha from Vikings is arguably the most badass woman on TV right now. I’m in love with her. And her hair. Sigh. Although her on screen relationship with Ragnar didn’t last long, there’s still chemistry there, and well, a girl can hope, can’t she! I doubt I could give forgive Ragnar for what he did though. Naughty man!
Cutest Moment: Erm. Nothing about Ragnar & Lagertha’s relationship was ‘cute’. You can just go ask Athelstan.


Jane & Michael/Rafael (Jane the Virgin)
Jane the Virgin is my ultimate guilty pleasure show! It’s so cheesy, but it’s brilliant, and unlike any other show I’ve watched, I have no idea or inkling as to which relationship is destined to be endgame, or even which I’d like it to be! I change my mind literally every episode. Sometimes, I’m just happy with Michael and Rogelio’s bromance.
Cutest Moment: Can I pick two? Hey, I created this game, of course I can. Over at #TeamMichael, the flashbacks to his and Jane’s early relationship. And at #TeamRafael, those kisses. Swoon.


Jess & Nick (New Girl)
Jess, I miss you! New Girl isn’t the same without you. I nearly picked Schmidt and Cece, because they’re adorable right now, but let's face it, no couple is as cute as Jess and Nick. I’m making a mental note right now to dedicate a whole post to them soon. Fox, please let them get back together! I’m begging you!
Cutest Moment: When Nick made Jess breakfast. Twice. But ask me again tomorrow and my answer will be completely different!


Turk & J.D. (Scrubs)
Okay, okay, bear with me. I mentioned bromance, and then I thought about the most ultimate bromance of all time. Turk and J.D. from Scrubs! A bromance is still a romance, okay! I started watching Scrubs when I had a Friends shaped hole in my life, and this was the perfect remedy. Two characters with such different personalities would understandably never be that close, but the pair were hilarious!

So, who have I missed on this list? Which TV romances would make your list?


  1. I love your top 2 - Leslie and Ben/Monica and Chandler forever! Love the mention of Jane and Michael/Rafael, though I want to see where Jane's 'relationship' with Adam Rodriguez goes. For other TV romances, I like Brad and Jane from Happy Endings, and Pacey and Joey from Dawson's Creek.

    1. That's very true about Jane and Adam! An interesting one for sure.
      Leslie and Ben/Monica and Chandler are just #marriagegoals for me, ha!
      - Allie