Tuesday 1 December 2015

Looking Forward to Seeing in the Cinema This Month...December 2015

No no no no no no...how can it possibly be that I writing a post to be published in December, already. Our avid readers must be sick to death of reading pretty much the same line every month about how surprised we are at the date, so I'll shut up now.....I do think this year has flown by though, ha!

The movie I always look forward to in December is my family's big Christmas outing. Each year we go to the cinema together (about 10 of us!) to see that month's big release. The last 3 years have been The Hobbit movies, but this year? We're seeing Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens!


I've actually only seen one Star Wars movie so far, that being Episode I, which from what I gather is the worst, but I've been making a real effort to catch up before we see the latest instalment. In fact, I'm working on a post right now recording my viewings, but you'll see that closer to Christmas!

Now, this is the part where I tell everyone exactly why I'm looking forward to my chosen movie, but I still have no idea what it's about, other than the fact there's a shady looking guy with a funky red lightsaber. I think his name is Kylo. That's a cool name. Is that enough reason to look forward to it? Really, I'm looking forward to watching the entire series over the coming weeks!

If you haven't seen the trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens yet, then I'm not sure why you even have the internet, but here it is for you anyway:

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is released in UK cinemas on 17th December 2015. If you don't already have your tickets, good luck, and may the force be with you.

To be honest, there isn't much out in December that's got me excited.  I'm not really bothered about Star Wars (I have only see Episodes 1, 2 and 3 so would need to watch the original 3 before I can watch the new one anyway!) so I had to have  a rifle through YouTube to find something and finally landed on Christmas with the Coopers (AKA Love the Coopers for our friends across the pond).

I love a good family comedy, particularly when it revolves around Christmas and the cast list for this bad boy looks amazing, Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Ed Helms and the list just goes on and on.  With such a big cast I am slightly concerned about it ending up like Love Actually (I don't like films with lots of short stories within it so much) but either way I will leave the cinema feeling all christmassy and fussy inside!!

Here is the UK trailer for it:

Christmas with the Coopers is out in UK Cinemas on 4th December 2015.


  1. I have no intention of seeing any Star Wars movie, ever.
    I am looking forward to The Hateful 8 and The Revenant.
    Matt saw the Coopers one and is reviewing it right now!

    1. I've said that for years but I've forced myself (pun not intended) to watch them, and I'm really enjoying them! We don't get The Hateful 8 or The Revenant till January, but I'm sure at least one of those will be in our post next month :)
      Looking forward to seeing Matt's thoughts!
      - Allie