Sunday 11 October 2015

Review: Entourage (2015)

I binge watched all eight seasons of Entourage in around 6 weeks, it will always remind me of the weeks of moving into my new home as I had no sky or TV so I just watched this constantly on my tablet.  I think it was one of those programmes that you don't necessarily enjoy each episode but you desperately want to know what happens next or how it ends.  I was really looking forward to seeing the movie, even though the series was wrapped up really well and nothing was really left open for a movie.

The movie picks up where the series left off with Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) as the studio head offering Vince (Adrian Grenier) a part in a risky project, Vince agrees as long as he directs. The rest of the film follows on a year later when the boys are back together and trying to convince Ari to give them more money to finish the movie.

  I was excited about this but I didn't have any expectation and I was still disappointed, how is that even possible!  It was not in the least bit funny and the sexist jokes were on overdrive.  It was like the worst episode of the series, magnified x100 and then some, the acting seems to have gotten worse and the storyline was attrocious...

I don't want to be overly mean, it was fun cameo spotting (Piers Morgan was not a highlight!) although some of the cameo acting left a lot to be desired! Really though, that was the only good part of the movie.

Gutted I didn't enjoy it as I really wanted to but it was truly awful.

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  1. I never saw the show, so I avoided this like the plague...and it looks like even if I had seen the show I'd be better off avoiding this one so...thanks :-D