Sunday 18 October 2015

Fall Season Premieres 2015

Please note, there are spoilers below, if you don't want to know the end of last season or this beginning of this one, don't read on....

I've spent a long time waiting for the Fall (or Autumn as we call it here in the land of tea and crumpets!) premieres, I have spent months feeling like I'm missing a limb when I have nothing to watch every week...  So here is my low down on the this years season premieres.....

Grey's Anatomy - Season 12

I am used to the overly dramatic and emotional finales when it comes to Grey's Anatomy but Season 11 was a disappointment, after the death of McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) earlier in the season there was no more feels to be had.  There was no cliffhanger to wait for in the opening of Season 12, so where they usually open with a BANG, this season opened with a fizzle.  It was entertaining, don't get me wrong but just not what I'm used to, and I'm not sure about this new found bond between Meredith, Maggie and Lady Shepherd but there are definite storylines I'm looking forward to them getting their teeth into.  Owen and Amelia (will they won't they), April and Jackson (will they won’t they) and Miranda coping with the Chief job.  Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks I reckon......

Once Upon a Time - Season 5

No no no no no!!  I had a feeling I wouldn’t be happy with this season with what last season had to offer and the direction it was going to go in after the finale of Season 4.  I found Season 4 pretty average, there was no excited relationships developing, no unrequited love and no memorable bad guy (the Wicked Witch had her moments, but let’s face it Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent were ok at best!).  The season ends with Emma ‘eating’ the Darkness, so as expected Season 5 opened with her trying to fight the darkness within and stay one of the good guys.  Unfortunately, the presence of Rumpelstiltskin in her head seems to have other ideas.  Cue, 6 weeks later, countless memories lost and were back to the present day and flashback format (which I actually like) but in the present day Emma I the full blown Dark one with all the powers and evil of Gold and none of the charisma of Regina.  She has the power but Jennifer Morrison can not play a bad guy to save her life, she is terrible and I am willing them to get the Darkness out of her ASAP just so I don’t have to put up with her resting fish face any longer.  Other than that it was watchable (well Hook was watchable!).

Chicago Fire - Season 4

The end of Season 3 was tense and fortunately I was behind with last season so I didn’t have to wait long to find out what happens.  Gabby had found the young stripper, Katya dead in Casey’s apartment so I was all geared up for a murder arrest and subsequent fight for freedom for Casey as he has clearly been framed.  Instead, we got a very limp start where the police knew he didn’t do it (assumption over evidence I think!) and proceeded to get him involved in a sting operation to take down Nesbitt and his people trafficking business.  Lame indeed! (there is a possibility I am missing the bulk of the story by not watching the spin off series Chicago PD, may need to get into that!) Ok there were a few good points, Gabby and Casey are finally where they should be and Severide appears to be back to his womanising ways!  Here’s hoping they will up the drama in the coming weeks…

Supernatural - Season 11

Never ones to do anything by halves, Supernatural started with a BANG (and a cloud of black smoke)!! Dean has met with the Darkness and had a good old chinwag, Sam is fighting of strange construction workers with black veins and penchant for murder and Crowley is back on form in his usual and slightly unusual forms in the season opener.  So we know who the big bad guy is going to be but as the boys seem to have no allies left, how are they going to defeat the darkness?! I’m definitely hooked….again!

Vampire Diaries – Season 7

I was already annoyed with this season of vampire Diaries, before it even started, here’s why… In every other season, if someone has died, got trapped in an alternate universe, been possessed or lost their humanity, under no circumstances do they give up.  In fact, they always happen to come across and artifact, person or spell to help them bring that person back, until now!  As Nina Dobrev has left the series, they have had to trap Elena in a spell tied with Bonnie’s life so Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up – simple!  So in previous seasons they would have killed Bonnie for a second or two with a spell and hey presto Elena is awake and all is right with the world.  Obviously, this has to be different because Dobrev has left the programme but it’s annoying that the whole premise of the Vampire Diaries has just changed completely – why didn’t they just fully kill her, no chance of resurrection or spells and be done with it.   Other than that though, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to what the rest of the season involves now we have new bad guys, the Heretics involved.

The Flash - Season 2

Oh so many feels…. I thought I had cried as much as I possible could over Barry Allen but they manage to stretch it that much further.  I cried happy tears and sad tears but all in all it was a great opener.  Getting a little bit bored of Ronnie being killed off…again… but hey ho – that should be the last time (fingers crossed!!).  Loving the new mentor in the form of Dr Stein, played by Victor Garber and hoping to see a view visits from Oliver Queen and co in the episodes to come.

Arrow - Season 4 

Speaking of which, there will have to be a crossover episode soon to find out who’s grave Oliver was standing over (please don’t be Felicity, please please please)  Laurel has somehow managed to become a new level of irritating and I can’t hope enough that it’s her grave that Oliver is standing over.  Loving Thea’s new bad-assery although it feels like she may spiral out of control very quickly and it will be down to Oliver to save her (or Roy if we are feeling hopeful!).  All in all a great opening and definitely got me itching to see the rest of the season, let’s hope it stays this good unlike last season that seemed to deflate from the middle onwards in my eyes.

Nashville - Season 4

The end of Season 3 was a cliffhanger to say the least, Deacon and his sister both went in for surgery so she could donate part of her liver to Deacon.  The episode ended with Rayna being told there was bad news..... I spent months panicking that Deacon may be dead - only to realise 2 days before the premiere that its likely his sister that had died and Deacon blamed Rayna for forcing her into.  However, what I actually got was his sister in a coma and Deacon 100% fit and healthy and just a little bit upset about his sister’s condition!  It was just a bit bizarre that it started and there was no real drama, other than Juliette's breakdown... I hoping it will step up the drama....and soon!

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