Wednesday 28 October 2015

Happy Back to the Future Day (1 Week late!)

I was desperate to post on the blog on Wednesday 21st October 2015 as I was completely obsessed for the whole day – I can prove it by showing anyone my Facebook on the day because it was a steady stream of information from my own excitement at getting to see the film at the cinema to fan theories and memes that cropped up throughout the day - I even changed my profile picture to this:

However, I thought if I post on the blog about what I was doing to celebrate Back to the Future day it was get lost in the thousands and thousands of blog posts on the subject. So I waited, then I forget and then I remembered, so here we are, exactly a week later!

I’ve always loved Back to the Future since my Dad let me watch it as a kid (while muting out all swear words), not that I understood a lot of it but I didn’t care, it was my Saturday afternoon film with my Dad and that’s all I cared about.  I thought I had seen the first two films a million times and I would have bet I could write synopsis with my eyes closed and quote numerous lines before they happened….but I didn’t and I doubt I could have.  

Settling in at my local cinema to watch all three films back to back on Wednesday I very rapidly realised I didn’t remember a lot of the plot – I couldn’t remember how they got out of the various scrapes or how history was changing and had to be fixed.  This could have upset me, films I have sworn to love for two decades but I can’t remember the basic premise but it was the best thing that could have happened.  Sitting in that cinema was like seeing Parts 1 and 2 for the very first time, there were jokes I had forgotten about, scenes that had completely slipped my mind.  I got to see Back to the Future Part 1 and 2 for the ‘first time’ on the big screen – I got to laugh at the gags like I hadn’t seen them before and cheer for the good guys (even though I did remember they would win!).  What an amazing experience!

Congratulations, we are now living in the future!


  1. Very fun post. Glad you had a blast that day. My daughter recently got into the franchise and made sure to watch part 2 that day since that's the one that references that particular date. Lucky for her she so happened to have a half-day at school that day. When I got home she jokingly told me that she went outside at 4:29 and saw the DeLorean pass by overhead.

  2. so jealous that u got to see all 3 in the theater in a row. I saw all 3 when they came out in the theater, but the experience of seeing all 3 again in the theater must have been amazing!

    great post!