Friday 3 April 2015

Currently Watching: Orange is the New Black

Anyone who isn't watching Orange is the New Black, should be.  It's unique, original and utterly addictive.  I binge watched the whole first season and then waiting until the entire second season was on Netflix so I would never have to wait for the next episode.  I managed the whole lot in one weekend! I think it's a Netflix only show? What happens when Season 3 comes out - do they whack the whole season on in one go? I've never followed a Netflix show until now!

I love that although this is the main story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) I love that you find out the history of the other characters as well, they are so entertaining (if not a bit gross in some places). 

Also, has anyone else noticed how unpredictable it is, I am certain one thing is going to happen and then the complete opposite does.  So then when I think I've got to grips with the unpredictability and assume something crazy is going to happen, they go and do what I would have thought they had in the first place.  It fuddles with my brain - but in a good way.  The best episode I think I have seen so far, or at least one of the most memorable was the one with the mock job fair, it was probably the first time watching this that I laughed out loud. That one is definitely my favourite episode too!

I would struggle to name a weak character, actor or storyline in this, having such a broad range of stories happening and characters connecting throughout staves off any boredom.  The little details of what life is like in prison are really interesting to watch, as I have never actually been in prison, I'm not sure how true to life the series is but its interesting nonetheless and I am well and truly addicted oooh and I love Crazy Eyes, she absolutely steals the show when she is on screen.

Crazy Eyes was my favourite character by far in Season 1 but I ended up hating her in Season 2! Red is/was my favourite now, I just love her take no crap attitude.

Seeing these two not playing High School girls took a while to get used to but it just showcases their talents.

I am gutted I finished the second season so quickly, I'm itching for another season but I think I may have a while to wait, my own fault for binge watching an entire season in a weekend. pfft! I just looked and it's coming out in June! Yay!


  1. This series is terrific. I binge watched the first 2 seasons, while working 3rd shift, last year. I'm thinking about re-watching it.

  2. I love this show, and I love that Jason Biggs is apparently sitting season 3 out. lol