Thursday 9 April 2015

Review: The Ringer (2005)

Oh my god I’m such a terrible person...I remember now that friends at work suggested The Ringer to me, and I completely forgot what it was about until the other night when I felt like sticking a quick comedy on, and then remembered it! However, all I could actually remember was that it was a comedy with Johnny Knoxville…

If you don’t know, Johnny Knoxville plays a guy called Steve, a real go getter and positive guy. Through unfortunate events, his friend/employee loses his fingers whilst mowing the garden, and Steve didn’t pay for his health insurance. His need for money leads him to, bear with me now, act as a mentally disabled guy called Jeffy, and enter the Special Olympics. Oh, here we go…

Apparently, it took 7 years for this film to get made, and when it did, the release got pushed back because of concerns over it’s content. No, really?! Actually, in all fairness, the film got a blessing from the Special Olympics, so it can’t have been deemed that offensive!

I actually thought Johnny Knoxville did a really good job. Not in acting mentally disabled perhaps, but he wasn’t as stupid as he is in Jackass. That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? I don’t mean it to! The rest of the cast were fabulous too. I heard that although some of them had actual problems, others were acting it as well as Knoxville, and so it was fun trying to guess who was ‘real’ and who was faking it!

Although there were laughs throughout the entire film, my absolute favourite moment was near the end, when the gang were being blackmailed by Lynn’s boyfriend who had told Lynn he had taken them all to the mall and then for ice-cream, after which one of them shouts ‘When the F**K did we get ice-cream?!’ It’s perhaps not so funny written down, but I laughed out loud when I watched it!

All round, silly fun with a bit of heart. If you don’t feel terrible enough after watching it, maybe you should watch this as well…

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