Thursday, 5 February 2015

Review: The Inbetweeners 2 (2014): Updated

About 6 years ago now, virtually everyone in Britain between the ages of 15 and 25 had seen at least one episode of The Inbetweeners. It was the new TV Show that we all quoted at each other in any given situation. Many a time at work I was called a bus w*nker, and you could stick your thumbs up at anyone and say 'frieeeeends' without looking like an actual crazy person. 3 years later we got The Inbetweeners Movie, which reminded us how much we loved the show. Skip forward another 3 years to the present day, and we have a sequel.


The story is fairly familiar. The boys have started University, with the exception of Jay who is taking a gap year in Australia. He emails Neil to say what an amazing time he is having, being a DJ for the most popular bar out there, and a bunch of other things that I'm sure you can imagine, and that I'd rather not type! Anyway, Si, Neil and Will decide to go out there to visit him.

We're introduced to a few new characters this time round, the main two being Lucy and Ben, two backpackers who Will tries desperately to seek approval from. Ben is your average douche-bag character and Lucy is Will's love interest, but she was so annoying it was hard to enjoy their scenes. I think it was her voice more than anything, which was far too loud.


Before I spiral off topic, I want to say that the water park scenes were brilliant. They reminded me of the original Inbetweeners episodes and what made me fall in love with these characters in the first place. The whole cinema was laughing and partly screaming at the water slide scene, which was by far the best part of the film. Poor Neil and the dolphin... This was actually one of the only parts of the film that I actually liked

The banter between the four guys was good, but not as good as the original. Maybe I would have complained that the film did nothing new if they included them, but I missed the 'bus w*nker' and 'friend' moments that the episodes and first film had.  I just didn't feel the banter this time, in fact there didn't appear to be any, it was thoroughly predictable and utterly boring.  The only joy I got from this movie was seeing the lads together again, even when what they were saying wasn't the least bit funny!!

Here's a good example of some of the banter though: 

Once the guys left the water park, the film took a nose dive and I just lost interest altogether. The scene in the outback wasn't sad at all, and dragged out far too long. One particular scene here was too cringe-worthy to even watch. Then, all of a sudden, the film ended and I realised that the only hint of a plot just got ruined in a split second. The appearance of Mr Gilbert made me smile, but it wasn't enough to save it for me.  That was amusing but as you said, not nearly enough to save the film.

No logical storyline, no comedic banter and nothing close to the series or the first movie. They should have ended it there.  Here's hoping that's all of it now and we have to rely on re-runs of the series to keep us amused.

I wouldn't rush out to see The Inbetweeners 2, I think its life span has come to an end now, sadly. It makes me want to watch some of the old episodes though.

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  1. Interesting review Allie - I'm fairly certain I'll just wait for the DVD with this one, like I did with the first one. I'm a fan of the Inbetweeners, but I'm not really keen to rush out and see the movie, like you said :)