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Review: The Fault in our Stars (2014)

Hey, yeah, so, funny story.  It seems that I LOVE The Fault in our Stars sooo much that I appear to have reviewed it TWICE!! The italics below are mine and Allie's way of communicating through the blog even though we send daily e-mails, facebook messages, whatsapp messages, normal messages and Twitter - what could one more medium hurt!!

Anyway, we decided between us that I might be funny to post this again (I get the feeling its a laugh at me type situation!) with our messages included - happy reading, again!

FFS - I keep searching to check we haven't already done them and this one I was adamant we hadn't so I didn't check - DAMN IT!!!!!!! I'm not adding pictures this time!

Second review attempt of The Fault in our Stars

I read this book in a day, thats how much I enjoyed it.  I couldn't put it down and ended up sitting on an airport (cold) marble floor, so that I could plug my Kindle in so I could continue reading when my battery died. I think at this point, we all understand how much you loved it!

Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) is forced to go to a cancer support group, where she meets Gus (Ansel Elgort) who not only makes the whole experience less rubbish but who she actually falls in love with.  Hazel's lung cancer measn she has to carry an oxygen tank everywhere she goes and Gus shows the pitfalls of surviving cancer with his prosthetic leg. I have such a strange case of deja vu right now...

I knew what was going to happen in this film, obviously having read the book but that didn't take away from it at all.  The characters really came to life from the book and Woodley and Elgort were the perfect choices for these star-crossed teenagers, I don't think anyone could have brought John Green's characters to life so well.  They manage to make it quirky over cringy and heartwarming instead of soppy, which is quite a feat with this subject.

It was pretty emotional to watch, particularly when you know the ending in advance but that doesn't tip my interest, in fact as you well know by now I love a good tear-jerker.  The supporting cast we're great as well, Hazel's parents played by Laura Dern and Sam Trammell, although completely outshone by their younger co-stars, did a great job as the 'grown-ups' trying to convince Hazel and Gus that they will only get hurt in the long run.

It doesn't show the gritty realism of the subject, the way 'My Sisters Keeper' type films have done in the past but sometimes its not all bad to sugar-coat some things.

You know, I'm just glad a second viewing (and reviewing!) hasn't changed your opinion. Do I need to rate this again too?!

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