Thursday, 5 October 2017

Flick Chicks are back....and we have news....

You may have noticed that me and Allie went on a little hiatus at the end of last year. My workload went entirely insane and didn't ease up until July and even then I was still playing catch up. I wasn't willing to jump back into blogging as I was nervous that I would get busy again and let Allie down and I really didn't want to do that (again!!). Anyway, the other day we had a chat and decided we wanted to get back into blogging and watching movies together but without the pressure of posting every other day. We both have new and different priorities (I'll let Allie tell you her exciting news herself). 

Hi guys! It sure does feel weird to be typing in purple again. A lot of you probably know I set up a little solo blog at the end of last year, but as I've been blogging less about movies there lately it was perfect timing when Jenna said she wanted to kick start Flick Chicks again! To be fair, the conversation was more memes that words, I asked and Allie replied with:

followed by my:

So I guess you'll end up seeing less commentary from me on new cinema releases and more about animated kids movies as I'm due to have a baby any day this month! Argh! Yay!!

I managed to get myself a Promotion at work and I now manage people, not sure what mug signed that off but hey ho! I have finally settled into the role and my workload has become a bit more manageable. This is no where near as exciting as Allie's news which is just amazing and I genuinely can't wait to meet Allie's mini Flick Chick <3

In other news, I am taking part in Sober for October, which in comparison to Allie's last 8 months isn't that impressive.  However, when considered alongside my current gin obsession, it is quite a feat!  Alongside that I am trying (and failing) to swear less, I now have a swear jar at work which is costing me more a day than my monthly food bill!!

I am so excited to be blogging again and to get back into reading all our fellow bloggers posts again! 

I can't even tell you how cool it is to see red and purple back together :D


  1. Welcome back, Jenna! It's good to see you posting together again. :)

  2. No booze and no swearing? You gals are insane.

  3. This is such good news!

  4. Sorry I missed this the day you posted it, but welcome back ladies. It's great to have the band back together.

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