Saturday 28 November 2015

Review: Spectre (2015)

I’m not going to pretend I was excited about this because I wasn’t, I have never liked James Bond.  I find all the films very samey and nothing new ever happens, to me it all seems like money that could be better spent.  However, my Dad loves them so as the dutiful Daughter (and because I want him to see Mockingjay Part 2 with me) I accompanied him to see it.

Do I even need to provide a synopsis? James Bond (Daniel Craig) receives a cryptic message from the past leading him to a criminal organisation, that must be stopped.  I wish that could have been longer but I don’t really know what else to say!

Ok, ok I’m going to try and stop sounding so bitter about this whole thing.  In fairness, I didn’t hate it (I did take 2 naps throughout) but it didn’t keep me gripped nor was I on the edge of my seat.  In fact, instead of being worried when Bond is in precarious situations, I find myself thinking ‘well Bond will never die’ which kind of takes the edge off it.  Furthermore, in the opening Helicopter scene, I couldn’t help but think that the helicopter would have stalled at numerous occasions and crashed into hundreds of people, but that’s none of my business!  I know I am being too picky and fussy because I wasn’t interested in it all and you all know I don’t make such a fuss over the ‘defying of gravity’ in Fast and the Furious films for example, which makes me feel mean but I can’t help it, I didn’t enjoy it.

There were bits I did enjoy, I like Q (Ben Whishaw) and how he is becoming his own character and coming out of his shell a little bit, personally I would have liked a bit more screen time for him.  Also, in going against every review I have caught on this movie, I liked Christoph Waltz.  I really like him as an actor and when I finally got some screen time, I woke up and bit and gained some interest. His character’s motives do borderline on ridiculous and his long speeches lost me around the middle but I think he has a great presence and the development of his character can’t be blamed on him as an actor surely. 

I have also read that there are lots of inspiration from previous Bond movies in this installment and die-hard fans who have seen all of them will love influence they have had on this.  As someone who has only seen Skyfall, once, a long time ago, these homages to previous movies were lost on me.

I would like to like Bond movies but I just don’t and I don’t think I ever will.

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  1. Great write up Jenna, had an immensely entertaining time reading this :D I would highly recommend checking out Casino Royale. It is hands down the best Bond film ever and will work for even those who are not fans (I have tested this theory a few times hehe). Waltz is absolutely fantastic, I adore that man!