Tuesday 17 November 2015

Review: Man Up (2015)

I remember seeing this trailer but I forgot all about the film and it must have only been on at the cinema for a day or two for me to miss it.  Any who, I luuuuuuuurve Simon Pegg so how could I not love this, although I've yet to like Lake Bell in anything! This is the first I've seen of her actually, but she does have a terrible case of 'resting bitch face'. I feel like we're eyebrow sisters though, so she gets a thumbs up from me!

Nancy (lake Bell) is 34 years old and single and incessantly bothered by family and friends to date and even by strangers on the train.  Jack (Simon Pegg) is due to meet his blind date under the clock at the train station and unwittingly assumes Nancy is is date.  Following a trail of Secondary School stalkers, ex-wives, drinking, notebooks and divorce papers their first date is not what they expect....

So, here's the thing,  I am single, I have been single for 6 years (mostly by choice) mainly because I don't date, I hate everything about it.  The awkward silences, what to say and not to say, what to wear...urgh i'm getting stressed just thinking about it.  BUT...This film made me look at dating in a different way, I never actually thought dates could be fun - maybe I've never been on a date with the right person but honestly it has broadened by horizons and I think I may reconsider dating in the near future.

Ok, what that a bit too much personal stuff - let me put it into context.  I watched this film and I found myself smiling, there was real chemistry between Simon Pegg and Lake Bell that was enjoyable to watch.  As with all rom coms I was willing them to get together, I did hope it would be a bit more realistic than it was as the rest of the film had been pretty 'normal' as such.  Other than that though, I really enjoyed it and would happily watch it again, if only just for Sean (Rory Kinnear), who was hilarious as Nancy's stalker.

Yeah, I think my only complaint was that the first half of the film was very realistic and true to life, even awkward for all the right reasons, and the second half fell into a bit of silliness, but my face hurt from smiling so I can definitely forgive that! I haven't watched many BBC Films over the years, but recently, every one I have watched I have fallen in love with. Not just enjoyed, but absolutely loved. Partly I think it's down to the humour. Only in the UK can we joke about someone throwing themselves in front of a train, blaming it on the constant delays.

Simon Pegg also proves that you don't need a Hollywood smile and a body fit for Magic Mike to be the leading man of a rom com. He certainly scrubs up well, but he just has a natural charm! This might also be the first film of his where I wasn't pining for Nick Frost to turn up, too!

Some may not enjoy this as much as I did but as you can see it seemed to have an impact on my personal life.

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