Tuesday 10 March 2015

Review: The Hundred Foot Journey (2014)

This was one of my 'Looking Forward to seeing at the Cinema' movies a while back but it was only on in cinemas for a short time so I missed it.  Fortunately, me and Dad invested in it as a Christmas Day movie (this shows how behind I am on my blogging!).

An Indian family lead by their father (Om Puri), leave India to open a restaurant in France with his talented son Hassan (Manish Dayal) as head chef.  Unfortunately, they happen to open this eatery right opposite Madame Mallory's (Helen Mirren) Michelin-starred restaurant causing professional and personal disputes.

I really loved the idea of this movie and I was right, it was slow moving but really lovely.  The relationship between Hassan and his family is really moving, him obviously having a much closer bond to his passed mother than his father.  Seeing Madame Mallory warm to the family over time is quite assuming as she fights the idea that she may actually like them and their menu.

Its a great combination of drama and comedy with enough emotion to make you care about the characters and where they end up.  Puri is hilarious as the over-protective family man and Dayal shines through Hassan's passion for cooking that gets lost in the competition for Michelin stars.

All in all, a lovely film, entertaining, funny and heartwarming.  Worth a watch on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea :-)

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  1. This sounds terrific. Helen Mirren is great in everything she does.