Monday, 17 November 2014

Mini Reviews: Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014), My Fake Fiance (2009), Picture This (2008)

This is my first post in our Mini Review Series and I have to say, it's Allie's best idea yet.  Some films I watch do not have enough in them to write a full review.  I started my review on The Angriest Man in Brooklyn weeks ago but hit a writing block and just couldn't bring myself to finish it because I had nothing left to say, that is why it is my first contribution to the Mini Review Series:

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014)

Continuing on my homage to Robin Williams I recently watched one of his last movies, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.  I took a guess from the title of what it would be about but I really didn't know anything about the plot line so I went in blind.

Henry Alltman (Robin Williams) is mistakenly told he has 90 minutes left to live and decides to fix his relationship with his wife and son while Dr Sharon Gill (Mila Kunis) his doctor runs around New York trying to stop him doing anything stupid with disastrous consequences.

This was a strange film, it was enjoyable and comical in places but it just didn't seem to flow right.  I can't put my finger on what didn't sit right with me but that didn't stop me from enjoying it.  It was entertaining to watch but not very memorable, I think if you ask me about this a year from now, I wouldn't remember watching it let alone the plotline. 

My Fake Fiance (2009)

Netflix may well be the bane of my life, I have a guilty love for 'made for TV' movies, particularly the rom-com variety.  Netflix is full of them, I find myself watching one and then it recommends another and another and bam! my weekend is gone!

Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart) and Vince (Joseph Lawrence) find themselves both strapped for cash and so decide to fake a wedding so they can get the money and gifts.  The gifts to refurnish Jennifer's apartment after the moving truck was stolen and the cash for Vince to pay off his gambling debts.

As a lover of all movies cheese, even I have to admit this was awful.  The storyline was particularly bad and add to that the awful characters and questionable acting really made it tough to watch.  Every joke (if you can call them that) was set up in the most obvious ways and it was so predictable I could have turned it off 20 minutes in and still told you how it ended. 

Picture This (2008)

This one popped up on my Netflix after watching My Fake Fiance, I should have known not to watch it but I did anyway. 

Invisible Mandy Gibson (Ashley Tisdale) is invited to the biggest high school party by the cutest guy in school Drew Patterson (Robbie Amell) only to be grounded by her father.  Mandy and her friends have to try every trick in the book to get her to the party in time...

This was surprisingly entertaining and wasn't quite as painfully cheesy as My Fake Fiance (although if I see one more film where the ugly duckling takes off her glasses and becomes prom queen I will cancel my Netflix account!!), I actually found myself rooting for the main characters.   The bad girls were disappointing (nothing will ever top Regina George) and the love interest is about as interesting as a root canal but it was entertaining enough to keep me watching.  I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone or watch it again but it filled a gap on a quiet Sunday evening. 

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  1. I like the Mini Reviews blog series, I hear you on starting a review and getting as far as the first paragraph done and hitting a wall so-to-speak, its happened to me in the past that I currently have 20 or so drafts started and probably will never be published.

    I keep seeing The Angriest Man in Brooklyn on and I've been tempted to rent it but going by the plot I'd have to say it's too soon to watch something of that nature involving Robin Williams. Almost as if he took his life because of that movie. Or maybe its just me over analyzing it.

    Quite frankly, in my opinion, any movie made for ABC Family doesn't deserve to be made. Picture This just screams horrible, from my viewpoint.