Friday, 26 September 2014

Friends 20th Anniversary

I felt like I needed to post something to commemorate this momentous occasion, 20 years since Friends started, feels like yesterday as well as feeling like a lifetime ago!!

Initially I wanted to do my Top 10 episodes but it's so hard to pick so I'm just going to mention a few of my favourite moments throughout the 10 seasons. 

I actually found this one yesterday, I happened to change channel and The One Where Ross is Fine was on, I forgot how much I loved this episode, I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard and even my Dad was struggling to stifle a laugh (and he is adamant he hates Friends!).  Basically, this is the scene where is he entertaining Rachael, Joey and Charlie after finding out that Rachael and Joey have got together:

This still has to be my favourite Chandler moment, the first time I watched it I just didn't expect it at all, I laughed so hard:

More Ross, he has to be the funniest character because he doesn't try to be funny, it just kind of happens - this is mine and my Best Friends favourite episode but this scene at the end what Ross is trying to return his couch is brilliant:

Rachael has her moments too, but usually with the whole cast.  The episode where she is trying to have eyedrops put in, is all to familiar for me (as a kid mind!) but still hilarious:

Who doesn't remember the one with the Football and the Gellar cup (or a troll doll nailed to a 2x4), once the game becomes Girls vs Boys the montage that follows is still funny now:

Joey and Ross on the fire escape "I don't think we really thought this through" need I say more....
OK so they are some of my favourite funny moments, but there are also some of the soppy moments (the hopeless romantic that I am) that I love and still get me a bit emotional now.
When Phoebe tricks Rachael into thinking she's not pregnant and seeing her disappointment only to tell her she lied and she is pregnant.  It was a lovely moment that got me a bit teary:
Chandlers VERY surprise proposal to Monica was so lovely (and kindly arranged by his wife-to-be), I admit I cried....a lot!

By favourite soppy moment in friends has to be this:

That's it, 10 Years of Friends boiled down to one post.  I can still happily watch any episode of Friends and laugh or cry, I'm not sure it will ever get old.

What are your favourite moments from Friends?  Does anyone have an all time favourite episode?


  1. Awesome post! I was a huge fan of this show back when it was on, and I still catch reruns of it from time to time now. I don't suppose that couch bit is from the "PIVOT" episode, is it? Classic stuff! XD

    1. Yes Chris it is that episode. I love the 'pivot' scene but it's Ross' face when he just keeps repeating 'i'd like to return this couch' - hysterical. - Jenna

  2. Love it! Friends is super awesome, I've lost track of how many rewatches I've done of all ten seasons - I actually did put together a Top 5 episodes to mark 20 years - believe me, it wasn't easy!

    Check it out here:

    1. Love your list. I did intend to do Top 10 episodes but it was too hard. Although, I know The One where Ross is Fine would have definitely been in the Top 5. - Jenna

  3. Such great choices!

    Ross and Rachel's relationship was too annoying for me after they broke up for good with the "we were on a break" storyline. I totally cracked when she got off the plane. It was a great way to really begin their relationship at the end of the series.

    PIVOT is one of my favorite bloopers. Such a funny scene!

    1. Thanks Katy.

      I loved the relationship when it broke down, I thought it was really funny. Particularly when she wrote him the letter "18 pages...front AND back" - great episode.

      - Jenna