Monday, 29 September 2014

10 Actors I Would Watch in Almost Anything (Allie)

Forgive me if I get this wrong, but I think this theme started with Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are. I love the idea, list 10 actors that you would watch in almost anything, and then another list of 10 actresses. These are 10 guys who could sell a film to me just by being in it.

Why: When I was younger, every Saturday meant another Jim Carrey film. I was so excited the night before Bruce Almighty came out that I could barely sleep, and my brother and I still quote his character from Liar Liar on a regular basis.
Best Role: Bruce Almighty
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: I Love You Phillip Morris This is a great film, you must see it!

Why: This is probably the most simplest of all the actors in my list. I simply have never seen a bad Tom Hanks movie, and so I'm not sure I could ever refuse to see something that he’s in.
Best Role: Forrest Gump
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Larry Crowne

Why: I’m sorry, I was about to type and then I got lost in those eyes. Can that count as my reason? No? Ok. I just think he’s incredibly charming, and just the right kind of cocky. Oh, and those eyes...
Best Role: Star Trek
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Blind Dating

Why: He’s the most bad-ass guy I know. Not personally of course, but he’s bad-ass nonetheless. I actually really need to see some of his older work to see another side of him, but I would be first in line for Taken 9.
Best Role: Taken
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Battleship

Why: I haven’t seen a comedy of Steve Carell’s that I haven’t found hilarious. I first saw him in The 40 Year Old Virgin and he’s just the master of awkward comedy. That’s not all though because I love his serious roles too.
Best Role: Crazy Stupid Love
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Bewitched

Why: This man is an absolute legend. I love his acting work of course, but I just love how he has so much fun in anything he does. Not that I’ve met him, but he seems so great with his fans and he just oozes charm.
Best Role: The Avengers

The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: The Deep Blue Sea

Why: He’s the first actor I ever became fascinated with; I have fond memories of tracking down some VHS tapes on Amazon when I was still in High School. I used to quote Bubble Boy on a regular basis.
Best Role: Donnie Darko

The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Rendition

Why: I don’t think I’ve ever loved an actor as much as Ryan Reynolds. His dry, witty humour is my absolute favourite, and I could watch any of his movies time and time again!
Best Role: The Proposal

The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: None, I have actually seen everything he’s been in! So far at least.

Why: This guy makes me smile without even doing or saying anything. He’s just an incredibly likeable actor, and he deserved to be in any of my top 10 lists for the three flavours cornetto trilogy alone.
Best Role: Shaun of the Dead
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Why: Benedict is my current obsession, thanks to Sherlock. I had to forcibly made to watch it in the first place, but I fell in love with his acting skills (and then just him!) soon after. He’s just incredible, and perfects whatever role he plays.
Best Role: Star Trek Into Darkness
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (I really did try)


  1. Very nice list. Happy to see Jim Carrey get some love. I think he's vastly underrated.

    1. I'm glad you said that, a lot of people I know really can't stand him at all!
      - Allie

  2. nice list, i would say The Majestic is Jim Carrey's best performance (but i don't like clown Carrey).
    i was wondering what you thought of Ryan Reynolds films Chaos Theory and Unlikely Hero? i never get round to seeing those two

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed Chaos Theory but it was fairly forgettable afterwards, I saw it about 2 years ago and I struggle to recall most of the plot. Unlikely Hero was great though and would go up there as one of my favourites of his. I wouldn't say it's one everyone would love, but it's quirky :)
      - Allie

    2. k, i will still end watching them i like the quirky films, i would tell you my favourite role but i have a top 5 coming up soon and no spoilers

    3. Oooh now I'm excited! :D
      - Allie

  3. Certainly some interesting picks here. Especially Ryan Reynolds. Not an actor I'd typically consider for such a list, and one that usually receives his fair share of hate, but I can't say that I share that general negative sentiment towards him, and have generally enjoyed everything I've seen him in. Good stuff, and I actually essentially tackled this subject myself about a year ago, if you're interested in checking it out :)

    1. It's a shame that he gets so much hate because in my eyes at least, he's a great actor that's still waiting for his big break. I'm going to check out your list now!
      - Allie