Thursday 24 April 2014

Review: Adore (2013)

I was bored on Saturday afternoon so I looked through my Sky box to find something to watch while I was re-organising my shoes, so I didn't want anything too taxing or that I had to focus on too much.  So, I picked this film but got more than I bargained for.  

It is the story of two best friends played by Naomi Watts and Robin Wright who inadvertently fall for each other's sons.  This wouldn't be weird, except they were childhood friends and raised their sons together, like brothers.  I'm sure situations happen like this in real life all the time, but I found it a little bit disturbing (particularly since I kept mixing up which son was which making it that much worse!).  Many reviews online are praising this a beautiful and heartfelt.  Don't get me wrong I think both the leading ladies are brilliant actresses and both play their parts spectacularly throughout the film.  The story is compelling and interesting but 'beautiful' and 'heartfelt' I didn't see.  This is touching on the very taboo subject of incest and although it's not technically incest, it borders on it, as both lead characters confirming they had 'crossed a line'.  

I think this film is clever in it's use of a taboo subject to make an interested film which was beautifully shot and well written also a key insight into various subjects, friendship, love, forbidden relationships, adultery and heartbreak.  

This sounds like a seriously odd film, but I have to say, at least it's an original idea! Not one I'll rush out to see but I'll happily watch anything once.

Overall, I have chosen my rating on the filming, the development of the character relationships, the writing and the acting.  Although, I found the subject a little bit out of my comfort zone, this doesn't take away from the overall quality of the film.


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