Sunday 27 April 2014

DVD Organising

Many of you will probably think I am one sandwich short of a picnic, however, I love to organise my DVD's.  They have been for the last 2 years in alphabetical order, which I thought at the time was the most efficient, I can easily tell if a film is missing or find a film if I'm looking for it.  But, recently I am starting to ponder whether alphabetical is not the best solution.  How often do I head to my DVD shelves and think 'hmmm I fancy a film beginning with H today' and so begin a search!

I've been organising since I was about 5 years old. My Mum loves to remind (tease) me about how I had a pack of 48 Crayola crayons that I used to spend hours organising into different orders, and so unsurprisingly, I too love to organise my DVDs! Thankfully I don't have as many as Jenna...

No, I head to the DVD shelf with 'I fancy a romance film today' therefore, would it be more logical to have them in genre order?  Will this cause chaos if people borrow a DVD, how will I know it's missing? Also, would you file Titanic under romance or disaster movie?!  Captain America under Action or Comic Book?! The problems are endless but it still crosses my mind regularly to make this change.  Am I crazy?  Or am I more crazy for making this seemingly none problem into an entire blog post?!  

We have to admit, this isn't the sanest post we've ever put together! I think it needs a discussion though because I've found myself thinking 'Hmm, I'd really like to watch a thriller' and then I have to stand with my head to one side and read through my entire bookcase.

If you ordered them by genre though, how would you work in films like Zombieland, which I at least would still consider a little scary? Like Jenna said, where does Thor go? Into the Action section, or should I have my own Superhero/Comic Book section? Would Jingle All the Way go into the Comedies or do I create a Christmas section?

I'm getting stressed just thinking about it all....

Answers on a postcard.

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