Sunday 23 March 2014

Top 10 Film Quotes (Jenna)

So following Allie's Top 10 quotes, I thought I would follow suit seen as I had already decided on mine.  So here goes:

10.  'Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get'
- Forrest Gump (1994)

This is a classic line, from one of my all time favourite films and said by one of my all time favourite actors, so how could it not be in my top 10.  Tom Hanks is incredible as Forrest Gump and it was so difficult to choose just one quote, but this has to be it!

9. 'Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me... it brought me to you. And I'm thankful for that, Rose. I'm thankful. You must do me this honor. Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.  Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise'
- Titanic (1997)

I am a soppy bugger to say the least and I love a good romantic monologue and this has to be the best one (i.e. the one that made me cry the most!!)  I could watch this scene over and over again and it would never get old.

8. 'I'm glad he's single, 'cause i'm gonna climb that like a tree'- Bridesmaids (2011)
I love Melissa McCarthy, I think she could say anything and it would make me laugh!  This line, literally made me howl with laughter.

 7.  'If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball'
- Dodgeball: A true underdog story (2004)

No explanation required!!

6. 'E.T Phone home'
- E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

One of my favourite films as a child and this was the moment in the film when you realised that ET was just a being that had been left behind and it humanised him, making you bond with the character so much more.  I was heartbroken when I realised that ET didn't want to stay with Elliot but he was so alone on Earth.  It's amazing have this one quote had such an impact on the whole film, it was the turning point from the children having their strange pet, to them needing to help him find his way home.

5. 'There's no crying in baseball!!!'
- A league of their own (1992)

My second quote from Tom Hanks.  I love his character in this film and how he interacts with the girls on the team.  This quote showed just how frustrating it was for Jimmy Dugan working with these girls but it comes across so hilarious to the viewer
4. 'You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off'
 - The Italian Job (1969)


3.  'Just shut had me at hello'
- Jerry Maguire (1996)

I loved this whole speech, but this line just made it.  My heart just melted, I re-watched this scene over and over again, so romantic and heartfelt.

2.  ‘What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her Catwoman suit? Don't you worry your pretty striped head, we're gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed. And then we're gonna find our best friend Doug, and then we're gonna give him a best friend hug. Doug, Doug, oh, Doug, Dougie, Dougie, Doug, Doug! But if he's been murdered by crystal meth tweakers….well then we're shit out of luck.’
- The Hangover (2009)

Don't even read this quote, just watch...

1. 'Don't you realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what's right for them. Because it's their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here. That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket.’
- The Goonies (1985)

Without a doubt, my favourite film EVER! Had a tough choice to pick my favourite quote, there are funnier, sharper and wittier quotes in the film that I could have chosen, but this one holds a special place for me.  As a kid, it made me feel like I could be a Goonie and I could have adventures like them.

However, I had to add these little gems in, I quote these in the office all the time to make my colleague laugh and they still have me in stitches after all these years:

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