Friday 28 March 2014

Review: The Goonies (1985)

This is by far my favourite film of all time, so I had to review it at some point.  I have read numerous reviews on this film that have found reasons not to give it a full 10 stars! 

I know this film isn't perfect and it's fair to say, it's hasn't aged particularly well but that doesn't take anything away from this film for me.  It has the action, adventure, bad guys, good guys, a giant squid (if you watch the deleted scenes), water slides, skeletons, friendship and the good looking older brother.  It feels to me like they are ordinary (ish) characters, in an extraordinary situation, similarly to the reasons why I love E.T: The Extra Terrestrial.  These kids argue, fight, swear and pick on each other, like I did with my cousins and friends when I was a kid.  The truffle shuffle scene is one of the key scenes that makes the characters seem so realistic:

Some of the lines throughout the film have stuck with me over the years and I still quote them on a regular basis.  The action keeps the film on pace and the bond between the friends makes you want to see how it ends.  Mikey's monologue at the bottom of the well is one of my favourite quotes of all time and as a child made me feel involved and like I was a Goonie myself and I could do anything. 

This nostalgia has carried through the years with me, leaving me unable to criticise this film, there is too many memories and good feeling tied to it.  You may way to read Allie's opinion on the film to get a slightly less biased review!

Yeah see I'm coming at this from a totally different angle, about 6 months ago I watched this for the very first time! Shocking, and totally unacceptable I know, but I was re-watching Jumanji too many times as a kid to even notice this film.

I did enjoy this film, honestly I did, but I have to agree with you when you say that it hasn't aged well. I watched this with friends and there were certain parts that people were quoting and really laughing at, that I just didn't get! Please don't hate me...

All in all a great action film with clever, comical dialogue by a great group of young actors that can be watched again and again.

Everything else aside, this was a really heart-warming film and I would definitely watch it again!

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