Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Looking forward to seeing in the cinema: September 2015

As most of the summer blockbusters have come and gone for this year, I couldn't even guess what Allie would be looking forward to in September so i'm not going to take shot in the dark - she can update us all when she is back :-)

I cannot believe I am doing the looking forward to post for September.... SEPTEMBER...Where the heck has the year gone?!  It'll be Christmas again soon!!

I actually have 4 films i'm looking forward to this month and I am struggling to decide which one to choose.  I'm going to go with the 'blockbuster' style one and provide a brief mention for the other three....

Ok admittedly, the main reason fro choosing this is not because its a big budget blockbuster but because it has one of my many favourite eye candy in it - Josh Brolin!!  Regardless of that, it does look really interesting and a bit like Vertical Limit, which many may dislike but I LOVED and still do.

If you haven't seen the trailer, here is it:

Everest is released in UK cinemas on 25th September 2015

Couple of special mentions have to go to America Ultra, Me, Earl and the dying girl and Legend.

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