Wednesday, 19 November 2014

'My First Movie' Blogathon - Flick Chicks Contribution

How could me and Allie do a blogathon and not contribute ourselves?!

My first movie memory would have to be seeing the Little Mermaid, for what I thought was my Birthday but after checking the release date in the UK, it couldn't have been.  Must have been one of my cousins birthday parties.  Anyway, it was my first ever trip to the cinema and I remember staring in awe at the giant screen in front of me.  Then it actually came on, it was so loud and all consuming I loved every minute of it.  I think I was the only kid in there to sit in silence through the whole movie (unlike Allie you will soon find out!!).  I actually remember be so engrossed in the movie and all the bright colours on the screen, I only snapped out of it when I realised my Mom was actually laughing at me (I think there was a good chance I had my mouth draped open and I may have been drooling - I was only 5 in my defence though!!).

The story is really grown up to be fair for a 5 year old and I think there was a lot that I didn't understand but all the pretty colours and the talking fish made it entertaining enough for me.  As a kid I remember being terrified of Ursula, but watching it as an adult she is by far the best character written.  She is one of the first of the Disney characters to make comments that are 'made-for-adults' something you see a lot more now in animation but back then it didn't happen nearly as much. 

The Little Mermaid has long since been one of my favourite movies, and I think this cemented both my love of cinemas and my love of Disney.   That first experience of hearing the speakers blast on the Dolby Digital advert and the screen light up can never be replicated so I am so glad I can remember it.

My Mom brought me the VHS a few years later and I watched it until the tape literally wore out, it wouldn't play anymore because it had been used so much! Can you believe that I still don't have this movie on DVD?! After writing this, that might have to be my next purchase. And now I know what to get your for Christmas! Just kidding...I got you something even better :D

Over to you Allie.....

I don't actually remember what the very first movie I watched was, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it was Beauty and the Beast. However, I do remember my very first trip to the cinema. It was a very rare occasion that I was taken there, times were hard and as a kid it's very easy to be entertained by one VHS tape being played over and over again. 

In 1994, 5 year old me was taken to see The Lion King. It was an exciting and terrifying time for me. I wasn't a huge fan of the dark, and that advert with the white-hot metal rod being thrusted at the screen still ignites fear in me. Does anyone remember what that advert even was?

Anyway, let me cut to the chase. I thoroughly enjoyed my first cinema experience, but I was 'that kid' during The Lion King. Whilst everyone was holding back tears with dignity, I cried out 'Mummy, is he dead?' and emotionally destroyed everyone in the room. I'm sorry, I really am. Someone else's 5 year old got revenge on me during HTTYD2 if that helps.

I still love The Lion King now, and it's a film my kids will be watching (when/if I have any!). The soundtrack is on my iTunes but do you know what? Like Jenna, I don't think I have this on DVD! I do remember having The Lion King 2 on VHS though. That might just be my most-watched movie of all time, I remember watching it every single Saturday morning until I could recite the entire script off the top of my head.

So, that's enough from us, let's here your first movie experiences! You have until 2nd December to get your posts up, and here's the original post if you need a reminder of the rules.


  1. Very amusing...and great movies to start off your cinematic journies. The Lion King is an amazing film. I saw it as an adult and got a little choked up during Mufasa's final scene, too. I've only seen The Little Mermaid once or twice, but I did like it. Still working on my entry.

  2. Oh, no. This is bad. I'm pretty sure I cried all over myself during the Lion King, and well...I was fifteen. What a wimp.

    And The Little Mermaid is an excellent movie, but I'm pretty sure I missed that one in the theaters. Even though, after what I said up'd probably assume that wasn't the case.

  3. So, I read this back when you posted it and told myself I was going to comment after I posted mine, but look at how late I am, so I'm going to comment now!

    These are two of my favorite animated films. The Little Mermaid may actually win my Fisti Best Picture Award in 1989, it's that incredible. Both of these films are on constant repeat in our house (I've got three little ones, so Disney is a constant presence), and I'm still not tired of either.

    Love your write ups and personal stories. I also love that you were both 5 when you saw the films in question.